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The State of Idaho boasts rich geothermal water resources, times more than those of Washington, Oregon, or Nevada. This is not surprising at all. The eastern part of the state serves as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Courtesy of geothermal activity, Idaho has over 200 natural hot springs scattered throughout the state, over a hundred of which are easily accessible to the public, providing an idyllic sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For thousands of years, people used hot mineral springs for cooking, bathing, healing, and spiritual needs. Native Americans considered geothermal water sacred. They used to gather at hot springs, as indicated by artifacts and petroglyphs on nearby rocks. Later, settlers, miners, and trappers claimed hot springs areas and built bathhouses or resorts.

Today, many wells and springs in Idaho are used to heat houses and commercial buildings; they also provide heat energy to greenhouses, aquaculture, and recreation.

Most hot springs used for bathing are located in Idaho’s central and southern parts, where geothermal sources are typically closer to the ground surface.

There is a wide variety of hot springs -- from undeveloped (wild) and primitive (partially developed) to community pools and resort-style locations. Unfortunately, some the wild hot springs are not easily accessible unless you are prepared fora lengthy drive on dirty unpaved roads, hiking through the wilderness, or kayaking. We are in luck, though, as there are also multiple locations right alongside the roads.

If your journey takes you along Middle Fork Boise River, you can stop at Twin Springs Resort. This is a historical mining site where you can explore dozens of hot springs as far as the living ghost town of Atlanta.

The area at Stanley along the Salmon River is dotted by beautiful, easily accessible hot springs, including Mountain Village Lodge, Snake Pit Hot Springs, Boat Box Hot Springs, Cove Creek Hot Springs, or Sunbeam Hot Springs.

The state’s southern and eastern parts are famous for numerous resorts near Featherville and between Twin Falls and Lava Hot Springs, such as Trinity Hot Springs, Miracle Hot Springs, Maple Grove Hot Springs, and others.

However, most of Idaho's hot springs are located in the west-central part of the state, in the Boise and Payette National Forest. For those who prefer comfort during their bathing, a few resorts and developed soaking grounds such as Sawtooth Lodge, Heaven Hot Springs, Terrace Lake Resort, and Silver Creek Plunge offer day-use and overnight options.

While driving along Highway 17 and 21, you have chance to enjoy numerous scenic hot springs sited along the Payette River and its watershed. Sacajawea Hot Springs, Kirkham Hot Springs, Bonneville Hot Springs, Pine Flats Hot Springs, Hot Springs Campground are just a few beautiful geothermal spots along the 40-mile stretch of the highway running along the South Fork of the Payette River..

For those who look for secluded soaking, numerous undeveloped pools in remote mountainous areas can be reached by car. That will likely involve a lengthy drive on forest roads and some Long-distance hiking.

Whether looking for a primitive soaking experience or a getaway weekend in a rustic or luxury hot spring resort, Idaho has something for everyone.

The comprehensive Idaho Hot Springs Map shows the best natural hot springs across the state, with locations, overviews, pictures, videos, and links to the full description.

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Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest

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Western Idaho

Region A: Nampa, Boise, Cambridge, Oxbow, Ontario OR

Givens Hot Springs - Campground, large swimming pool and soaking tubs
Roystone Hot Springs - Campground, RV park, swimming and soaking pools
Mundo Hot Springs - Campground, RV park, swimming and soaking pools
Oxbow Hot Springs - Primitive, bank of the Oxbow Reservoir
Zims Hot Springs - Hot Springs grounds, swimming and soaking pools
White Lick Hot Springs - Primitive, abandoned bathhouses
Snively Hot Springs, OR - Undeveloped, a pool at the bank of the river, some amenities

North-Central Idaho

Region B: Payette and Clearwater National Forests

Burgdorf Hot Springs - Rustic resort, outdoor pool and tubs
Secesh (Delta Mist, Whangdoodle) Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Stanley Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Weir Creek Hot Springs - Primitive
Jerry Johnson Hot Springs - Primitive
Red River Hot Springs - Rustic Resort, swimming pool, tubs, and sauna
Barth Hot Springs - Primitive
Horse Creek Hot Springs - Primitive
Hot Springs Creek (Panther) - Undeveloped

West-Central Idaho

Region C: Payette National Forest, Boise National Forest

Buckhorn Hot Springs - Undeveloped, 10 miles hiking out and back
Teapot Hot Springs - Undeveloped, poll at the river's edge
Mile 16 Sugah Hot Springs - Primitive pool at the South Fork Salmon River
Bernand Warm Springs - Undeveloped
Fool's Gold Warm Springs - Undeveloped, a large warm pond
Molly's Tubs - Undeveloped at the South Fork Salmon River
Molly's Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Dagger Creek Hot Springs - Undeveloped, 1 mile hiking out-and-back
Trail Creek Hot Springs - Primitive
Vulcan Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Bernice (Spock) Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Gold Fork Hot Springs
Boiling Springs - Undeveloped, cabin's rent is available
Butterfly Hot Springs and Groundhog Hot Springs - Primitive, 7-mile hiking out-and-back from Boiling Springs
Little Dipper Hot Springs - Primitive, 3.5-mile hiking out-and-back from Boiling Springs
Moondipper Hot Springs and Pine Burl Hot Springs - Primitive, 4.7-mile hiking out-and-back from Boiling Springs
Silver Creek Plunge Resort - Resort, swimming pool
Silver Creek Hot Springs - Primitive and the bank of the creek
Fire Crew Hot Springs - Undeveloped at Middle Fork Payette River
Rocky Canyon Hot Springs - Undeveloped at Middle Fork Payette River
Skinny Dippers Hot Springs - Closed
Terrace Lakes Resort - Resort, swimming pool
Hot Springs Campground - Primitive
Pine Flats Hot Springs - Undeveloped at the South Fork Payette River
Bear Valley Hot Springs - Undeveloped, 7 mile hiking out-and-back
Haven Hot Springs - Campground, motel, swimming and soaking pools
Kirkham Hot Springs - Undeveloped at the South Fork Payette River
Bonneville Hot Springs - Primitive
Sacajawea Hot Springs - Undeveloped at the South Fork Payette River
Sawtooth Lodge - Rustic resort, geothermal pool and tubs
The Springs Hot Springs Resort, swimming and soaking tubs

Region D: Middle Fork Boise River - Atlanta

Twin Springs Resort - Rustic resort, cabins with soaking tubs, and a public hot tub at the river
Sheep Creek Bridge Hot Springs - Undeveloped, primitive pools on the hill and on the bank of the river
Smith Cabin Hot Springs - Undeveloped, riverside pools on both sides of the river
Loftus Hot Springs - Primitive pools on the bank of the river and the hill with a waterfall
Pete Creek Hot Springs - Undeveloped across the river, pools on the top of the hill and at its base with a waterfall
Brown's Creek Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Dutch Frank Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Granite Creek Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Chattanooga Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Atlanta Hot Springs & Frog Pond Primitive, a hot cement pool with benches and & a warm swimming pond nearby
Power Plant Recreation Area Hot Springs - Undeveloped, pools at the river

East-Central Idaho

Region E: Sawtooth National & Salmon-Challis National Forests, Middle Fork Salmon River

Sharkey Hot Springs - Maintained hot springs ground, two concrete pools
Goldbug Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Cronks Canyon Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Challis Hot Springs - Tent and RV campground, bed & breakfast rooms, swimming pool, and hot tubs
Barney Hot Springs - Undeveloped, warm pond
Warm Springs Creek - Undeveloped
Mountain Village Resort Lodge, soaking tub
Snake Pit Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Boat Box (Elkhorn) Hot Springs - Primitive
Mormon Bend Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Basin Creek Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Cove Creek Hot Springs (Kem Hot Springs) - Undeveloped
Sunbeam Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Slate Creek Hot Springs - Primitive

Region F: Sawtooth National Forest, Featherville

Russian John Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Easley Hot Springs - Community pools, swimming pool and hot tubs
Frenchman's Bend Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Bowery Hot Springs - Primitive
West Pass Hot Springs - Primitive
Worswick Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Preis Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Skillern Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Willow Creek Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Baumgartner Hot Springs - Campground, soaking pool
Trinity Hot Springs - Resort, soaking pool
Johnsons Bridge Hot Springs - Undeveloped

South-Eastern Idaho

Region G: Twin Falls, Lava Hot Springs

Green Canyon Hot Springs - RV park, swimming pool
Wild Rose Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Heise Hot Spring - Resort, swimming pools
Prince Albert Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Lower Indian Bathtub Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Banbury Hot Springs
Maple Grove Hot Springs
Miracle Hot Springs
Balanced Rock Warm Springs - No soaking is available
Indian Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Thousand Springs Resort - RV Park, indoor swimming poll and tubs
Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs - Day-use facility and camp, swimming and soaking pools
Durfee Hot Springs - Resort, swimming and soaking tubs
Riverside Inn - Hotel, private soaking pools
Lava Hot Springs Inn - B&B, outdoor pools
Home Hotel & Motel - Hot mineral baths with jetted tubs
Lava Hot Springs - Hot springs recreation areas, swimming and soaking pools
Downata Hot Springs - Campground, cabins, swimming and soaking pools
Bear Lake Hot Springs - Campground, soaking pools
Bear River Hot Springs (Riverdale Resort) - Resort, swimming and soaking pools, water slides

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