Durfee Hot Springs Idaho Soaking
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• The Durfee Hot Springs has 4 pools to choose from
• The spring has over a 100-year history and is still owned by the same family

The Durfee is a developed, family-friendly soaking spot in Almo near the City of Rocks National Reserve. Durfee features a slick, minimalistic design, 4 pools, and a scenic nature full of adventures.

Henry Miller and Rosa Durfee created Durfee Hot Springs in the 1900s. The first pool they built had a sandy bottom covered with rocks. Later, they made a concrete pool, added dressing rooms, and built a fence around the hot springs.

Edwin, the only son of Henry and Rosa, ran the spring until the 1950s. In the early 1960s, it was closed to the public. In 2005, Jackie Durfee Henson, with her husband Larry, renovated and reopened Durfee again.

Today, this historic spring is a fantastic spot to soak and enjoy southern Idaho scenery.

Geothermal Water & Soaking

The natural mineral water comes from the geothermal source at 115° F (46° C) and is piped into the 4 pools.

All pools are 104° F (40° C). The large swimming pool is 50 ft x 50 ft, while the kids' pool is 10 ft x 20 ft and 2 ft deep.

Two smaller pools are 15 ft x 30 ft each and 4 ft deep. One of the smaller pools has a garage-looking structure over it so you can hide from the sun.

This is a family-friendly resort, so bathing suits are mandatory.

All pools are flow-through, and the water is not treated with chemicals.

Durfee Hot Springs Idaho Soaking
Photo By Durfee Hot Springs

Beyond Hot Springs: Other Adventures

The Durfee is an excellent spot to soak while exploring Southern Idaho. Pomerelle Ski Resort, Castle Rocks State Park, and Independence Lake area with Cache Mountain are right next door to the spring and have many outdoor adventures to enjoy.

Camping & Lodging

You can rent a private cottage through Airbnb right at the spring.

Alternatively, you can stay at Almo Inn in Almo or one of the many accommodations in Burley or Heyburn.

Affordable short and long-term rentals near Durfee Hot Springs

Durfee Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 83 miles southeast of Twin Falls • Southern Idaho • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Swimming pool, soaking pools
Clothing: Mandatory
Amenities & Services: Gift shop, cottage, change rooms

Hiking distance: Short
Road access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: Yes

Elevation: 5,400 ft (1,645 m)

Water T° (source):115° F (46° C)
Water T° (pools): 104° F (40° C)
Odor: None
Chemical used: None

Directions to Durfee Hot Springs

From Malta,

  • Take ID-77/Central Street for 22.8 miles.

Phone: 208-824-5701

Address: 2798 S Elba Almo Rd, Almo, ID 83312

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