California Hot Springs

The hot springs in the state of California differ noticeably from one another. Some of them are wild settlements with unclothed soakers moving around. Others are high-priced sanctuaries, and some are little-known enigmas. California comes with hot springs, and it is enjoyable for all kinds of requirements and expectations.

The state of California is blessed with lots of hot springs that are both private and public. Unlike in most countries, the hot springs in California are mostly located in public lands such as national forests and national parks.

For many decades many people have been drawn to California hot springs thanks to the healing power of mineral waters found at the natural hot springs. East coasters and California natives believe that the hot springs’ mineral waters come with health benefits thanks to minerals such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium. It has been discovered that soaking in hot springs can help relieve stress as well as improve your blood circulation.

If you are looking for primitive hot springs in California, you can head to the east of Sierra Nevada Mountains where you will find lots of natural hot springs that are unspoiled and free to the public.

This region is characterized by volcanic and seismic activity and attracts bold people who want to enjoy the health benefits of hot springs. Throughout the state of California, you will find lots of natural hot springs because of San Andreas faults, rings of fire among other geological activities.

When you head to the northern parts of California, you will find primitive hot springs that have attracted visitors looking to benefit from the soothing and healing nature of the hot springs. At the west coast, the seismic activity gives the opportunity for water to run deep underground so that it is mineralized and heated before it re-emerges to the surface again as hot springs with magical healing properties.

Hot Creek Springs was shut down back in 2008 because it was experiencing serious volcanic activities. When the volcanic activities were at normal levels, visitors had the opportunity to stand at the middle of the stream and feel hot water beneath their feet. Usually, the water is heated about 3 miles deep before it mixes with the stream’s cold water to create a perfect blend of hot spring.

When you visit Long Valley close to Mammoth, you will find many hot springs with a majority of them being primitive as they are located in Forest service land or BLM land. You can find hot springs that are open throughout the year such as the hilltop, crab cooker, hot tub, little hot creek, shepherd and Crowley. There are also resorts that are located at hot springs. Therefore, you can rest assured you will get the best service as you bath in hot water.

Commercial Hot SpringsCommercial

Undeveloped Hot SpringsUndeveloped

Semi-developed hot springs Primitive

Closed to PublicNo soaking available

Northern California

Applegate Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no soaking.
Drakesbad Guest Ranch - Historic rustic resort, pool.
Eagleville Hot Springs - Primitive pool.
Glenn's Hot Springs (Seyferth) - Closed to the public.
Hunt Hot Springs - Series of primitive pools.
Kosk Creek Hot Springs - Rocky pool.
Leonards Hot Springs - Closed to the public.
Orr Hot Springs Resort - Historic resort, swimming and soaking pools.
Sierra Hot Springs - Resort, pools and private tubs.
Stewart Mineral Springs - Rustic resort.
Surprise Valley Hot Springs - Resort, tubs in each room.
Vichy Springs Resort - Historic resort, Olympic-size swimming pool.
West Valley Warm Springs - Undeveloped, no soaking.
Wilburg Hot Springs - Historic resort, pools.
Woody's (Feather River) Hot Springs - Primitive, cement tub.

West Central California

Franklin Hot Springs - Primitive.
Golden Heaven Hot Springs Spa and Resort - Resort, swimming pool and hot tub.
Harbin Hot Springs - Historic resort, pools and hot tubs.
Indian Springs - Resort, two swimming pools.
Meadowlark Country House Resort - Resort, swimming pool, and hot tubs.
Mercey Hot Springs - Rustic resort, swimming pool, and private tubs.
Mono Hot Springs - Partially developed resort, small pool, bathhouse, series primitive pools along the San Joaquin River.
Morton Warm Springs Resort - Summer time recreation facility, three pools.
River Oaks Hot Springs Spa - Spa services, private tubs.
Sykes Hot Springs - Spa and hotel, waterfall lagoon, and private tubs.
Tassajara Hot Springs - Zen Buddhist monastery rustic retreat, a pool, soaking baths.
Wilburg Hot Springs - Historic resort, pools.

East Central California

Benton Hot Springs - Historic rustic inn, hot tubs.
Buckeye Hot Springs - Undeveloped, a few pools, and natural grotto.
Carson River Hot Springs - Undeveloped.
Crab Cooker Hot Springs - Primitive, small tub.
Crowley (Wild Willy's) Hot Spring - Undeveloped, larger and smaller pools.
Dirty Sock Hot Springs - Primitive, small pool.
Grover Hot Springs - Developed, swimming and soaking pools.
Fales Hot Springs - Undeveloped.
Hilltop (Pulky's Pool) Hot Springs - Primitive, small tub.
Hot Creek Geothermal Area - Geothermal area, no soaking.
Keough's (Bishop) Hot Springs - Developed, swimming and soaking pools.
Owens Valley Warm Springs - Undeveloped, a small pond.
Rock Tub Hot SpringsPrimitive, small tub.
Travertine Hot Springs - Undeveloped, a series of small pools.
Saline Valley Hot Springs - Primitive, isolated series of hot springs.
Shepherd Hot Springs - Primitive, small tub.

Southern California

Agua Caliente Hot Springs - Regional Park, three pools.
Bashford's Hot Mineral Spa - RV resort, swimming pool, jacuzzi pool, mineral baths.
Big Caliente Hot Springs - A primitive cement pool.
Little Caliente Hot Springs - Primitive cement tubs.
California Hot Springs - The historic resort, swimming pool, and hot tubs.
Deer Creek Hot Springs - Undeveloped, a series of primitive pools.
Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel - Resort, swimming and soaking pools.
Gaviota State Park Hot Springs - Undeveloped, 2 small sulfur ponds.
Glamis North Hot Springs Resort - Resort, saunas, hot tubs, swimming and soaking pools.
Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa - Day-use resort and spa, varieties of pools.
Five Palms Oasis - Undeveloped, warm pond.
Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort - Resort, swimming pool, steam rooms, and hot spas.
Holtville Hot Springs - Two concrete pools and pond.
Jacumba Hot Springs Resort - Resort, swimming pool.
Miracle Hot Springs - Primitive, a cement pool along the Kern River.
Miracle Springs Resort & Spa - Resort, swimming and soaking pools.
Pyramid Hot Springs - A primitive a pool along the Kern River.
Remington Hot Springs - Primitive, a cement pool along the Kern River.
Shoshone Inn Hot Springs - Inn and RV Park, a swimming pool.
Tecopa Hot Springs Resort - Rustic resort, soaking tubs.
Tecopa Hot Tub - Primitive cement tub.
Tecopa Mud Baths - An undeveloped large pond.
Tuscan Springs Hotel & Spa - Resort, swimming and soaking pools.
Warner Springs Ranch Resort - Historic resort, swimming and soaking pools.

California-Nevada Border

Ash Meadows - Wildlife Refuge.
Bailey's Hot Springs - Closed for renovation.
Carson Hot Springs Resort - Historic hot springs, swimming pool, and tubs.
Fish Lake Valley Hot Well - Primitive, concrete pool, and two ponds.
Steamboat Healing Center and Spa - Historic hot spring resort.
Walleys Hot Spring - Resort and Day-spa.

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