Fish Lake Valley Hot Well

• The beautiful scenery of the Nevada high desert with snow capped mountains
• Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs features a large concrete hot pool and two natural warm ponds

Located at a very depth of Fish Lake Valley between the Silver Peak Mountains and the White Mountains, this remote geothermal oasis features a panoramic view of the desert valley and snow-capped mountains in the background. Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs aka "Hotbox" was discovered in 1970 by Fish Lake Power Company. Thirteen wells were drilled to discover oil fields. The hot water has been found instead in the one of the wells.

The geothermal water at a great rate of 50 gallons per minute is transferred from a deep artesian well into a concrete pool at the temperature of 105-degree Fahrenheit. The 12 by 6 feet and 3 feet deep pool has a concrete patio and low fence from cinder blocks. The pool is furnished with handrails but there was no sign of stepladder at the time of our visit. The hot water from the pools overflows into two man-made ponds full of colorful koi fish. The water in the ponds are just right for a refreshing swim on a hot summer day.

The temperature of the hot water in the tub at 105 degrees certainly favors soaking during the fall and spring seasons.

Caution: The temperature of geothermal natural springs can change drastically anytime. Before getting into the water, always check the temperature.

Fish Lake Valley Hot Well
Hot Springs Well & Pool
Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs
Concrete Hot Pool
Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs
Hot Pool & warm Pond
Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs
Warm Pond

The area of the Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs has been improved by Esmeralda County. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors including free camping, bathing in the hot mineral water and swimming in the ponds, wildlife watching, or just relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere of the Nevada high desert. There is enough space for overnight parking. Facilities include fences, fire rings, grills, a sink with running water (not drinkable), trash cans, and a pit toilet.

The increase in public use led to incidents of vandalism, trashing, killing wildlife, and loud parties. The posted sign notifies that if the vandalism and killing of wildlife continue, this site will be closed. Please help to keep this unique area open. Do not abuse the privilege of accessing this beautiful spot. Pack out all trash.

Camping & Lodging

There is ample undeveloped space surrounding the hot springs where camping is allowed. The closest lodging is available in Tonopah.

Lodging in Tonopah


Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 58 miles southwest of Tonopah • Nevada • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Primitive
Amenities: Garbage cans, pit toilet, fire rings, grills
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle when the small dirt road is dry. Do not drive in snowy or wet conditions.
Day-use fees: None
Managed by: Esmeralda County

Elevation: 4,728 ft (1,441 m)

Water T° (pool): 105°F (41°C)
Water T° (ponds): 85-95°F (29-35°C)
Flow rate: 50 gallon/min

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Directions to Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

From Tonopah in Nevada,

  • Travel 46 miles west on Highway US-6 (US-95) to NV-773 south in Coaldale
  • Turn left (south) to NV-773 and go 10.7 miles to NV-264
  • Turn left onto NV-264 and travel 5.8 miles to the graded dirt road.
  • Continue 6.9 miles to the fork, bear left.
  • Go 0.2 miles to the hot springs.

Make sure you have the proper directions before you go. Do not rely on your smartphone or GPS navigator, it can show wrong routes.

GPS: N 37°51.606' W 117°59.038' | 37.8601, -117.98397

Elizabeth F.Littlefield, Wendy M.Calvin. Geothermal exploration using imaging spectrometer data over Fish Lake Valley, Nevada. January 2014

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