It does not matter if you want to enjoy a cool evening in the course of the summer, or you are looking for a place to relax and to get warm during a chilly winter day, you can always get it while getting soaked in Oregon Hot Springs. Hot springs are not only comforting, the soaking in these hot springs also provides several therapeutic benefits. Oregon consists of lots of delightful, steamy, comforting hot springs where you can immerse your body to lessen the everyday pains and troubles.

Oregon is known for its treasure of natural hot springs that are found in the Cascade Range and nearby, in the high deserts of the southern and eastern parts of the state. You can enjoy some commercial hot springs, or primitive by paying a nominal fee while some others are completely free of charge. There are a few commercial hot springs from rustic to luxury. Also, there are unique geothermal areas such as Mickey Hot Springs and Borax Lake Hot Springs where you are not able soak rather observe unique scenic environment.

Cascade Mountains

Austin Hot Springs - Privately owned, closed to the public.
Bagby Hot Springs - Primitive, rustic bathhouses and wood tubs.
Belknap Hot Springs - Resort, gardens, two big swimming pools.
Breitenbush Hot Springs  - Retreat and Conference Center, soaking tubs and outdoor pools.
Lower Breitenbush Hot Springs - Primitive, no services.
Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs - Primitive, five cascading pools.
Deer Creek (Bigelow) Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
McCredie Hot Springs  - Undeveloped, no services.
Umpqua Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Wall Creek (Meditation) Warm Springs - Undeveloped, no services.

Central Oregon

East Lake Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Paulina Lake Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.

Southern Oregon

Lithia Springs Resort - Resort and spa, outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, whirlpool tubs in each guest room.
Wellsprings (Jackson Hot Springs) - Olympic-size pool, public hot tub, private tubs, sauna, steam room.

Northeastern Oregon

Bingham Springs(Bar M Ranch) - Rustic resort, seasonal swimming pool.
Cove Warm Springs - Seasonal swimming pool.
Grande Hot Springs - RV Resort, two outdoor pools, yurts with tubs.
Hot Lake Springs - Historic hotel, hot tubs.
Ritter Hot Springs - Historic hotel, cottages, seasonal swimming pool.

Southeastern Oregon

Alvord Hot Springs - Primitive, two concrete tanks, some services.
Antelope (Hart Mountain) Hot Springs - Primitive, two pools.
Barnes (Frenchglen) Warm Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Beulah Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Borax Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Borax Lake Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Echo Rock Hot Springs. Undeveloped, no service.
Fisher Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Greeley Bar Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Hunters (Geyser) Hot Springs - Resort, big swimming pool, geyser.
Juntura Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Crystal Crane Hot Springs - Rustic resort, hot swimming pond, private soaking tubs.
McDermitt Hot Springs(Easterday Hot Springs | Lucky Seven Hot Springs) - Undeveloped, no services.
Mickey Hot Springs - Geothermal area, no services, no soaking.
Ryegrass Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Snively Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
South Harney Lake Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no services.
Summer Lake Hot Springs - Rustic resort. Large indoor pool, outdoor rock pools.
Willow Creek (Whitehorse Ranch) Hot Springs - Undeveloped, some service.

Oregon-Nevada Border

Virgin Valley Hot Springs - Primitive, warm pond, campground.
Bog Hot Springs - Undeveloped, hot irrigation ditch.
Dyke Hot Springs - Primitive, a few soaking tubs.
Baltazor Hot Springs - Undeveloped, extremely hot temperatures.