Bog Hot Springs

Bog Hot Springs is a remote hot oasis between the Pueblo and Steens Mountains
Features a number of hot springs emerging along a deep ditch

A rural and remote destination, Bog Hot Springs is a great place to relax and rejuvenate in hot mineral water. Located near the Nevada-Oregon border and approximately 270 miles northeast of Reno, Bog Hot Springs is a collection of many hot springs emerging along a deep ditch which is about one mile long. The main geothermal springs are located at the creek bed.

Hot water at about 130-degree Fahrenheit (54°C) gurgles up from the ground and then runs across the brush-covered desert floor before it finally collects into an irrigation pond at the Bog Hot Spring Ranch. Do not use the geothermal source for soaking!

The thermal springs supply a few man-made pools along the shallow ditch below the source. The temperature in the pools varies depending on the weather conditions and distances from the spot where springs come out. Due to a rapid water flow, the water in the channel is extremely clean. Bathers can find the desired water temperature by moving either up or down the creek.

The man-made pools are sand-sided and sand-bottomed which is smooth and comfortable for soaking. You can find your private spot along the channel and make a small dam to create your personal pool.

The hot spring can be used throughout the year. However, in summer, it can be too hot for bathing. Check the water temperature before getting in.

Typically, all cars can make a trip on a dusty and sometimes rough road to Bog Hot Springs.

There are no services around Bog Hot Springs. Overnight camping is not prohibited.

Bog Hot Springs
Hot Springs Source
Bog Hot Springs
Soaking Pool
Bog Hot Springs
Hot Springs Road
Bog Hot Springs
Bog Springs Channel

Though Bog Hot Springs is situated on private land, it is available for public use. Please help to keep this spot clean by packing out all your trash.

Located 39 miles west, the Sheldon National Refuge offers wildlife viewing, hiking, hunting, fishing, rock hounding opportunities, and soaking in Virgin Valley Hot Springs.

Camping & Lodging

Camping is not prohibited at the hot springs but make sure to camp away from the water. There no amenities and the closest services are located approximately 40 miles away in Fields, Oregon.

The nearest lodging is found 110 miles southeast in Winnemucca, Nevada and 110 miles northwest in Lakeview, OR.

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Sad Statistics

April 2016. A couple from Denio in Nevada, both 59 years old were found dead in Bog Hot Springs. The cause of death of both people has not been revealed but it was suggested that the high temperature might be a factor.

Bog Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 110 miles northwest of Winnemucca • Northwestern Nevada • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Undeveloped
Clothing: Optional
Amenities: None
Accommodations: Camping is available near the hot springs
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Most passenger vehicles
Day-use fees: None
Managed by: Private property

Elevation: 4,250 ft (1,295 m)

Water T° (source): 130°F (54°C)
Water T° (creek): 90-130°F (32-54°C)

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Directions to Bog Hot Springs

From Winnemucca,

  • Drive 31.5 miles north on US-95 to Highway NV-140
  • Turn left onto NV-140 and follow 65.5 miles
  • Turn left (Denio Junction) to stay on NV-140 and continue about 9 miles to Bog Hot Road (between milepost 74 and 75)
  • Turn right onto unpaved Bog Hot Spring Road and drive 3.5 miles
  • After the Bog Hot Springs Ranch and reservoir, continue 0.7 miles, keep left for 0.2 miles to the big parking area.

GPS: N 41°55.300' W 118°48.053' | 41.921669, -118.800883


  1. Please clarify . Your statement is contradicting. .

    : Do not use the geothermal source for soaking!”

    You also mentioning good for soaking . Like what ?

  2. This is a hot creek. The source (the place where the creek begins) is extremely hot. The water cools down while flowing through the desert and you can find a place for soaking about 0.5 miles downstream but always check the temperature.

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