Baltazor Hot Springs

Baltazor Hot Springs is found at the end of a dirt road west of Denio Junction
Hot water is coming out from the ground at extremely high temperatures

Located next to Highway NV 140, five miles west of Denio Junction and eight miles east of Bog Hot Springs, Baltazor Hot Springs consists of a few springs coming out from the ground at extremely high temperatures.

The largest springs can be found at the end of a dirt road that begins from the gate. Those springs bubble up at a temperature over 170°F (77°C) from the hole on the bottom of the pond and for a large hot pool with clear blue water. The blue transparent water is a sign that the water temperature is dangerously scalding - no microorganisms can survive at such temperatures. Just a thin orange bacterial mat is outlined at the pond edge where the water is cooler. The pool overflows and creates a small stream that runs toward the grassy fields.

Two bathtubs that were found near the large pool indicates that the Baltazor Hot Springs water is used for soaking.

Caution. Use extreme caution near the pool and stream. Do not dip your hands or feet into the hot water to avoid serious injury. Keep your children and pets within a safe distance. Do not try to use other roads or paths around the hot springs.

This area with homestead remnants is fenced and gated. Please keep the gate closed and leave no trace behind.

Baltazor Hot Springs

Baltazor Hot Springs

Baltazor Hot Springs

Baltazor Hot Springs

Camping & Lodging

The hot springs is located on private property. Camping is not permitted. There no amenities and the closest services are located approximately 30 miles away in Fields, Oregon.

The nearest lodging is available 100 miles southeast in Winnemucca, Nevada.

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Lodging in Winnemucca

Baltazor Hot Springs | Facts

Dangerously Hot for Soaking

Location: 102 miles northwest of Winnemucca • Northwestern Nevada • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Undeveloped
Amenities: None
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Most passenger vehicle
Day-use fees: None
Managed by: Located on private property

Elevation: 4,277 ft (1,304 m)

Water T° (source): Over 170°F (77°C)

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Directions to Baltazor Hot Springs

From Winnemucca,

  • Drive 31.5 miles north on US-95 to Highway NV-140
  • Turn left onto NV-140 and follow 65.5 miles
  • Turn left (Denio Junction) to stay on NV-140 and continue about 5.6 miles on highway 140
  • Between milepost 70 and 71 (70.6), turn left on a small dirt road leading to ruins
  • Open and close a gate
  • Continue 0.2 miles to ruins and then 0.1 miles to the hot springs.

GPS: N 41°55.273' W 118°42.622' | 41.92122, -118.71037

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  1. The spring is now fenced with chain link with cement footings. and a sign at the roadside cautions visitors that “more than one person has been airlifted out” due to burns. Our poodle got scalded by accidentally falling into the rivulet of hot water leaving the pond. She was ok, but a note to remember the leash when bringing dogs.

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