Bathing in hot springs is a great way to relax and recharge, simultaneously improving your health and well-being at a magnificent hot springs oasis created by Mother Nature. Whichever backdrop you prefer – a high desert, an ancient forest, or a bank of the river – you can choose your next soaking spot with the Hot Springs Locator site.

Alternatively, if you would rather observe manifestations of volcanic activity instead of bathing, nature offers plenty of unique geothermal locations to do precisely that. You can find them on this website as well.

Hot Springs Locator provides all the information you need for your journey, including hot springs description, historical details, water properties (if available), directions, and GPS coordinates.

European countries and Japan recognize the healing properties of hot springs and use balneotherapy as an effective preventive and medical treatment.

Even though hot springs are pretty popular in North America, most people are unfamiliar with the health benefits of this mineral-rich geothermal water. Safety issues related to hot springs bathing are not common knowledge either.

On top of that, the Hot Springs Locator offers articles on balneology, hot springs health benefits, associated risks, safety tips, and much more.

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