Thap Ba Mud Baths

Thap Ba Spa Mud Baths is a great destination to enjoy rejuvenating bathing
Geothermal water has a high content of dissolved minerals

Vietnam is a country full of wonders, especially for a western traveler who has never been exposed to the ancient Asian culture. Numerous books have been written about the wonderful culture, food, nature, and people of Vietnam. However, I would like to introduce an amazing place you can visit while traveling on the Coast of Southern Vietnam. Located in the coastal town of Nha Trang, Thap Ba Spa Mud Baths is a great destination to enjoy a dip in the restorative mineral water and mud.

Thap Ba Mud Baths Brief History

The source of hot mineral water was discovered in 1994 by the Central Vietnam Federation of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (now renamed Central Water Planning and Investigation Federation). The goal was to locate a water source for irrigation, but the water was too hot and extremely mineralized to use for trees and plants.

In 1995, the muddy dunes started to appear in the small local town of Ninh Hoa every rain season. Chemical analysis showed it to be an inorganic mud with silicon being 2/3 of the overall composition making it safe and useful for relaxing bathing. In 1998, Mr. Ho Tan came up with the idea of combining both mineral mud and mineral water in one place and make a relaxing attraction for both locals and visitors of Nha Trang.

Thap Ba Mud Baths Minerals

Water comes out of the 100 meters (328 feet) deep source at about 56°C to 60°C (132–140°F) with average dissolved solids over 6,000 mg per liter. High salt concentration in mineral water helps with blood flow while mud helps increase red blood cells and its slight abrasiveness removes dead skin cells and improves overall skin condition and health.

The Thap Ba Mud water boasts a high content of metasilicic acid, fluoride, and bromine. Metasilicic acid is a natural moisturizing ingredient that is said to promote skin metabolism, improving skin elasticity and strength. Flouride and bromide-based chemicals are associated with antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Thap Ba Mud Baths Features

You pay separately for everything at the resort so you can pick and choose which services and treatments you want to get and enjoy. The entry fee was just 90,000vnd ($3.96) after a discount at the time of our visit at the beginning of 2021. This would allow you to use swimming pools, waterfalls, and Jacuzzi. There are four pools with different temperatures including two pools for kids and two for adults The hotter pools are about 39-42°C (102-107°F).

Mud bath services are available in a collective mineral mud bath, hot mineral mud bath, and special herbal mud bath. The collective mineral mud bath includes access to a common area mud bath. A hot mineral mud bath is the same as a collective mineral mud bath, but you can stay in a separate smaller bath alone, or stay in a larger bath with family or friends. Special herbal mud bath includes soaking in a private mud bath first and then hot mineral water afterward. Also, Thap Ba Mud Baths offers additional services including body massage, foot massage, and steam bath. Prices for each service vary depending on the number of people in the private bath with you. Discounts are given to children and might be given automatically depending on current promotions. So, always check current prices.

There is a restaurant with decent prices even by Vietnamese standards, but bringing your own food and drinks is not prohibited. Change rooms are plentiful at a variety of locations at the spa for your convenience. Parking is free and guarded for both motorcycles and cars.

Shuttle buses to the resort are available, but motorbike taxis, as well as car taxis, are cheap and make it easy to get to the site. Also, a number of hotels, as well as tourist centers, can help you organize the trip if you don't want to do it yourself.

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Thap Ba Mud Baths

Thap Ba Mud Baths

Thap Ba Mud Baths

Thap Ba Mud Baths

Nha Trang and the surrounding area offer numerous places to visit and adventures to participate in. You can simply enjoy the beach or go surfing, kite surfing, island hopping, diving, swimming, etc. You can do street food tours, visit ancient temples, go to waterfalls, or even take a trip to the nearby mountain city of Da Lat with its own adventures, history, and charm. The only thing which limits your adventure is the amount of time you have to spend in this amazing region of the country.

438 Ngô Đến, Ngọc Hiệp, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam

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