Loutra Pozar Hot Springs

• Pozar Thermal Baths is a scenic hot spring oasis in Northern Greece
• Features a big outdoor swimming pool, indoor pools, private tubs, and spa services

Loutra Pozar, also known as Pozar Thermal Baths, is a scenic hot spring oasis located in a small town of Aridaia at the foot of Mount Voras Kaimaktsalan,  90 km (56 miles) west of the popular coastal city of Thessaloniki. The hot springs provide an opportunity to enjoy bathing and swimming in restorative waters surrounded by breathtaking natural landscape of Northern Greece.

The water, geothermally heated to 37°C (98.6°F), gushes out of Aridea Hot Springs. Hot spring water contains a variety of minerals including potassium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, silicon, fluoride, iron, and lithium. The concentration of minerals gives water a pleasurable taste and consuming it helps with kidney diseases and even with kidney stones. Bathing in those springs helps with joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, various skin conditions, improves blood circulation, and even helps to deal with respiratory problems.

Facilities of the thermal area include big outdoor swimming pools, indoor pools, individual tubs, hamams, jacuzzis, spa services, hotels, and restaurants.  The large swimming pool is 25m (82ft) long, 12.5 m (41 ft) wide and goes from 1 m (3.2 ft) to 3 m (9.85 ft) in depth. This pool is good for swimming and diving. A café is located nearby.

Another bathing area has a warm waterfall cascading into the pool near the cold waterfall of Moglenitsas River. You can also enjoy shallow primitive thermal mineral water pools right by the river.

The hot spring is accessible year-round. You can also get yourself a relaxing massage at the spa center located right by the baths. The neighboring town of Loutraki has a variety of accommodations to choose from.

Loutra Pozar Thermal Bath
Public Bath & Waterfall
Loutra Pozar Thermal Bath
Moglenitsas River & Waterfall
Loutra Pozar Hot Springs
Edessa Waterfalls
Loutra Pozar Thermal Bath
Swimming & Diving Pool

You can enjoy Greek hospitality in the village located nearby the Pozar Hot Springs. Try traditional Greek food and visit the local market and pick some memorabilia to keep as a reminder of your trip. The hot spring is surrounded by a variety of hiking trails of all levels of difficulty which give you an ability to explore more of the local nature's beauty.

In addition to hot springs relaxation, you can visit waterfalls located nearby and spend some time in the city of Edessa. Kaimįktsalan Ski Resort with ski lifts and trails, snowboard and snow-tubing parks is available for winter sports enthusiasts.

If your lodging is at Aegean Sea, a bus day-trip to the hot springs is available from Thessaloniki.

Address: Aridaia 584 00, Greece

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