• Interactive Nevada Hot Springs Map displays the best natural hot springs of the Silver State

The state of Nevada is home to hundreds of mineral hot springs naturally heated by volcanic activity. There are plenty of hot and warm springs around the state, most of them are undeveloped or semi-developed. Some of the hot springs have been dammed up like Bog Hot Springs. Extremely hot springs (ex. Dyke Hot Springs) are channelized and then a portion of the flow is diverted into the soaking pools. The hot springs like Virgin Valley Hot Springs and Twelve Mile Hot Springs receive geothermal water directly from the sources.

Though most Nevada Hot Springs are located on public lands, there are some that are situated on private properties. Many landowners allow visitors to come and soak on their properties. Be sure to obey all posted signs, respect locked gates, pick up all trash, and leave the area better than you found it. Leave gates the way it was before you arrived.

The northern parts of Nevada are one of the most geothermally active in the state and even in the country.

The central and southern Nevada also offer soaking opportunities, primarily in primitive hot springs.

Unlike the California or Idaho states, there are just a few developed hot springs resorts in Nevada including Carson Hot Springs Resort, David Walley's Resort Spa, and Steamboat Hot Springs - all of them are located near Reno.

The comprehensive Nevada Hot Springs Map displays the best natural hot springs throughout the state with locations, short overviews, pictures, videos, and links to the full descriptions.

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Northern Nevada

Baltazor Hot Springs - Undeveloped, extremely hot temperatures.
Black Rock Hot Springs
Bog Hot Springs - Undeveloped, hot irrigation ditch.
Devil's Faucet Hot Spring - Closed
Double Hot Springs
Dyke Hot Springs - Primitive, a few soaking tubs.
Greenhorn (Dry Suzie) Hot Spring
Hand-Me-Down Creek Hot Spring - Primitive, one soaking tubs.
Hyder Hot Springs
Lower Oxley Peak Hot Springs - Undeveloped.
Jersey Valley Hot Springs
Kyle Hot Springs - Primitive, a few soaking tubs, big cemented pool.
Leach Hot Springs - Private land, closed to the public.
Macfarlane (Jackson Mountain) Hot Springs
Midas Hot Springs - Closed, no soaking
Paradise Valley Hot Springs - Primitive, travertine cauldron.
Reese River Valley Hot Springs - Primitive.
Ruby Valley Hot Springs - Primitive.
Soldier Meadows Hot Springs
Trego Hot Springs
Twelve Mile Hot Springs - Primitive, Bishop Creek River Canyon.
Virgin Valley Hot Springs - Primitive, warm pond, campground.

Central Nevada

Alkali Flat Hot Springs
Bowers Mansion
Brady's Hot Springs - Geothermal field, no soaking.
Carson Hot Springs - Developed, pools, outdoor and indoor hot tubs.
Diana's Punch Bowl - Volcanic crater filled with scalding water.
Fish Lake Valley Hot Well - Primitive, concrete pool, and two ponds.
Kirch Wildlife Hot Creek (Sunnyside) Hot Springs
Lee Hot Springs - Undeveloped.
Monitor Valley (Potts Ranch) Hot Springs - Undeveloped, no soaking.
Steamboat Healing Center and Spa - Resort.
Smith Creek Valley Hot Springs
Spencer Hot Springs - Undeveloped, a few soaking pools.
Walleys Hot Spring - Resort and Day-spa.
Warm Springs - Abandoned resort

Southern Nevada

Arizona Hot Springs
Ash Meadows
Ash Springs
Bailey's Hot Springs
Boy Scout Canyon Hot Springs
Crystal Springs
Gold Strike Hot Springs
Rogers Warm Springs

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  1. Where is the heart shaped hot springs located? I’ve heard many talk about it, but unable to locate.

  2. nope-off hwy 50 between Austin and eureka near spencer hot spring kind of

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