Reese River Hot Springs

Reese River Hot Springs is nestled in the Reese River Valley
Thermal water at 125°F emerges from a travertine hillside

Reese River Hot Springs is located 0.2 miles of Highway 305 in the Reese River Valley, 34 miles south of the town of Battle Mountain and 55 miles north of Austin.

Geothermal water emerges from a travertine hillside at 125°F forming a steamy travertine-lined stream. The hot water is transferred from the channel through a few pipes into a plastic tub. The water gradually becomes cooler and comes to the tub at approximately 105-110°F, depending on weather conditions.

Another metal tub is located nearby but at the time of our visit, the water was too dirty to bath.

The geothermal water has a slight sulfur smell.

The hot springs are on private property. Day-use is okay but camping is not allowed. Obey all signs. Open and close gate. Please keep this place clean, pack out all your trash. If you have an extra bag, pick the trash that others have left.

The high-clearance vehicle is recommended for the last 350 yards. If your car isn't able to make this trip, leave your car near the gate and walk to the hot springs.

Reese River Valley Hot Springs

Reese River Valley Hot Springs

Reese River Valley Hot Springs

Reese River Hot Springs

Reese River Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 34 miles south of Battle Mountain • Northern Nevada • USA
Open: 365 days a year
Development: Primitive
Clothing: Optional
Amenities: No service
Accommodations: Camping is not allowed
Hiking distance: From 0 to 0.2 miles
Road Access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: None

Elevation: 4,900 ft (1,494 m)

Water T° (source): 125°F (52°C)
Water T° (creek): 105-110°F (41-43°C)

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Directions Reese River Hot Springs

From I-80 in Battle Mountain,

  • Take Highway NV-305 and travel 33.8 miles south
  • Just before a ranch and hills at milepost 54, turn right to a small road with a cattle gate
  • Open and close the gate behind you and continue 0.2 miles by car or on foot.

GPS: N 40°11.883' W 117°06.153' | 40.198050, -117.102550

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