Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs is located 19 miles east of the historic town of Austin
Features a series of steaming hot mineral springs

Central Nevada is home to plenty of mineral hot springs naturally heated by underground geothermal activity. Located 19 miles east of the historic town of Austin in the desolate Monitor Valley, Spencer Hot Springs is one of them. Even though the hot springs are well-known, you still can find privacy and solitude. This location combines opportunities to take a rejuvenating dip in mineral-rich water and enjoy the peaceful desert view with the Toiyabes Range in the background.

Spencer Hot Springs is a series of steaming hot mineral springs emerging from the ground at 140°F. The main source outlet that collects water directly from the source is a covered metal cattle fence. Be careful, the temperature is extremely hot near the source.

Flowing through a shallow channel down the slope, the hot water feeds man-made pools. A big galvanized tub receives water via a metal pipe. The temperature varies between 90 and 105°F. Water temperature is controlled by the gate valve or by moving the pipe out that let water cool down.

There are no services on the premises. All services are in Austin, 19 miles away. Since the land is managed by BLM, free camping is allowed on public lands but prohibited within 100 feet of the hot springs.

Be sure to pack out all trash and leave no trace.

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 19 miles southeast of Austin • Central Nevada • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Undeveloped
Amenities: None
Distance from the parking: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle when the roads are dry
Managed: BLM
Day-use fees: Free

Accommodations: Camping is available

Lodging in Austin

Lodging in Eureka

Elevation: 5,625 ft (1,715 m)

Water T° (source): 140°F (88°C)
Water T° (pools): 90-110°F (32-43°C)

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Directions to Spencer Hot Springs

From Austin,

  • Travel about 12 miles east on US-50 to NV-376 S
  • Turn right onto NV-376 S and after 0.3 miles turn left onto the first graded forest road NF-001
  • Follow about 5.5 miles on NF-001 to a junction
  • Bear left and continue 1.4 miles to the springs.

GPS: N 39°19.622' W 116°51.503' | 39.32703, -116.85838

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