Sol Duc Hot Springs

Interactive Washington Hot Springs Map displays the best hot springs of the Evergreen State

Though the state of Washington lies within the “Ring of Fire” that circles much of the Pacific Ocean, the Evergreen State seems surprisingly underpopulated with hot springs compared with Oregon, California, or Idaho.

The majority of hot springs are located in the northwestern part of Washington on the Olympic Peninsula and in the northern Cascades. One of two hot springs resorts in Washington, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is known for its great healing property.

Southwestern Washington has a few hot springs but only Carson Hot Springs Resort is open for bathing. Bonneville Hot Springs Resort was closed to the public a few years ago. Wind River Hot Springs is in hard to reach location.

There are primitive hot springs on private and public lands, some of them require long-distance hiking into the wilderness.

Here we listed two scenic places that are not true hot springs but resorts that offer relaxing hot water bathing among natural settings and beautiful sceneries. One of those places is Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island and another is Wellsprings Spa near Mount Rainer.

In addition to the hot springs, Washington owns a unique mineral-rich Soup Lake near the town of Ephrata.

Commercial Hot SpringsCommercial

Semi-developed hot springs Primitive

Undeveloped Hot SpringsUndeveloped

Closed to PublicClosed or No soaking available

The State of Washington, US

Baker Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Bonneville Hot Springs - Closed to public
Carson Hot Springs - Resort, indoor pool, tubs in some rooms
Doe Bay Village - Resort, hot tubs, the water is not a natural hot springs
Goldmyer Hot Springs - Primitive
Olympic Hot Springs - Undeveloped
Scenic Hot Springs - Primitive
Soap Lake - Resorts, mineral lake
Sol Duc Hot Springs - Resort, outdoor swimming and soaking pools
Wellsprings Spa & Retreat - Rustic resort, hot tubs, the water is not a natural hot springs
Wind River Hot Springs - Undeveloped

British Columbia, Canada

Ainsworth Hot Springs - Resort, pools, caves
Halcyon Hot Springs - Resort, pools
Nakusp Hot Springs - Chalets, pools

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