Kyle Hot Springs

• Kyle Hot Springs is a geothermal oasis in the isolated Nevada desert
• Features a round-shaped concrete pool and a few bathtubs

A geothermal oasis in the middle of nowhere, Kyle Hot Springs sits in an isolated part of the Nevada desert near a ghost town of Unionville. Once a well-known bath resort, now abandoned, the hot springs still provide a unique soaking opportunity among a spellbinding landscape of the Buena Vista Canyon.

Extremely hot geothermal mineral water emerges at about 150°F out of the underground. A concrete pool and fence were built around the source. Numerous steamy springs are coming out from different spots of the salty desert hill.

The hot water is diverted from the main source through a few pipes into a few bathtubs located down the hill.

The bathtubs are filled directly from the source, so, the water can be very hot. To get the right temperature, fill your tub and wait for the water to cool down.

The good practice is to leave the bathtub half-full. Empty and clean your tub after soaking, half fill the tub letting next visitors to reduce the wait time and enjoy soaking once they arrive.

A round-shaped concrete pool is located a few yards away.  The pool is 3 feet deep and can accommodate up to six people. The temperature varies, depending on the weather conditions, between 85 and 100°F and can be adjusted by adding hot water from the source.

Kyle Hot Springs
Kyle Hot Springs
Soaking Pool
Kyle Hot Springs
Resort ruins
Kyle Hot Springs
Main source

The sulfur odor is very noticeable.

The remnants of the old resort are still seen near the hot springs. Overnight camping is not prohibited at the hot springs, but do not camp near the hot springs. Lodging can be found in Winnemucca, 56 miles northeast. Developed campgrounds are located 50 miles west at the Rye Patch Reservoir.

Unfortunately, Kyle Hot Springs has got a serious problem with some visitors littering and leaving trash and glass. Please keep this place clean, don’t leave any trash behind! Pack it out. If you have an extra bag, pick the trash that others have left.

Places to Stay Near Kyle Hot Springs

It seems that there are no restrictions on camping at the hot springs. For those seeking developed camping options, the Rye Patch Reservoir Recreation Area, located 49 miles to the west, offers such facilities. The nearest lodging and vacation rentals are found in Winnemucca, 55 miles northeast.

Affordable vacation rentals for short and long term stay in Winnemucca

Lodging in Winnemucca


Kyle Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 55 miles southwest of Winnemucca • Nevada • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Primitive
Clothing: Optional
Amenities: None
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle if the road is in good conditions
Day-use fees: None

Elevation: 4,500 ft (1,372 m)

Water T° (source): 110° F (43° C)
Water T° (cement pool): 90° F (32° C)
Odor Mild sulfur smell

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Directions to Kyle Hot Springs

From Winnemucca,

  • Travel 28.5 miles west on I-80
  • Take exit 149 for Highway 400
  • Drive 16.5 miles south on NV 400 to Unionville Road (Kyle Hot Springs Road)
  • Turn left onto Unionville Road and drive 9.6 miles to the Kyle Hot Springs intersection
  • Bear left and continue 1 mile to the Kyle Hot Springs.

GPS: N 40°24.411' W 117°53.062' | 40.406850, -117.884367

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