McDermitt Hot Springs (Easterday Hot Springs)

McDermitt Hot Springs is a hot springs channel in the remote part of Oregon
Features remains of the hot springs resort

The remote McDermit Hot Springs, also known as Easterday Hot Springs is beautifully hidden in the high desert of southeastern Oregon, 8 miles north of McDermitt. The hot springs are located near the Lucky Seven Ranch, hence the springs' alternate name is "Lucky 7".

The unique geothermal area consists of a collection of mineral water seeps that emerge from the different spots at the Hot Spring Hills. The largest outflow forms a hot creek that is diverted into the channel, winding its way through the desert. The temperature of the source ranges between 120°F and 126°F. The water becomes cooler as it flows from the source, allowing visitors to choose a comfortable temperature to soak.

Currently, McDermitt Hot Springs aren't well-known and popular. However, ruins of the old resort are a reminder of its better days. The building foundation and rusting ruins are seen near the spot where the hot springs creek emerges.

To find comfortable spots for bathing you need to explore the creek. Some spots are wide and shallow. There are deeper places that previously were used for bathing. You may create your own pool by building a dam or digging.

Overnight camping is not prohibited at McDermitt Hot Springs. No services are available. Please pack out all trash and leave no trace.

McDermitt Hot Springs (Easterday Hot Springs)
Resort Ruins
McDermitt Hot Springs (Easterday Hot Springs)
Hot Creek Road
McDermitt Hot Springs (Easterday Hot Springs)
Hot Springs Source
McDermitt Hot Springs (Easterday Hot Springs)
Hot Springs Source


McDermitt Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 8 miles north of the Oregon-Nevada Border at McDermitt • Southeast Oregon • USA
Development: Undeveloped
Amenities: No services
Clothing: Optional
Accommodations: Free camping
Distance from the parking: Short
Road Access: High-clearance vehicle is recommended
Day-use fees: Free

Elevation: 4,535 ft (1,382 m)

Water T° (source): 125.6°F (52°C)
Flow rate: 264 gallon/min (999 l/min)
Odor: None
Chemical used: None

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Directions to McDermitt Hot Springs

From US-95/OR-78 junction,

  • Go 51 miles south on US-95 to Easterday Road (Hot Springs Road)
  • From McDermitt in Nevada, go 4.5 miles north on US-95 to Easterday Road (Hot Springs Road)
  • Turn west onto Easterday Road (Hot Springs Road) between mileposts 117 and 118 (117.1)
  • Follow 1.2 miles
  • Bear right before a ranch, and go 0.3 miles to the gate
  • Open and close gate, then continue 0.3 miles to the fork
  • Continue 1.2 miles straight (do not bear right) on a dirt McDermitt Road to the destination.

GPS: N 42°04.859' W 117°45.619' | 42.081, -117.763

"Geothermal Information Layer for Oregon".

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  1. Source is uphill from resort ruins close to road
    Walk back on uphill side of stream from source until water temperature is to your liking. You may need to walk 1/4 to 1/2 mile.

    Might be a good idea to bring a small shovel to dig out mud to deepen the stream. Much of the stream is only 1 ft deep.

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