Jackson Wellsprings

Wellsprings is a natural hot springs spa near the Ashland downtown
Due to large water flows and high alkalinity, no chemical treatment of the water is needed

Wellsprings also previously known as Jackson Hot Springs is located three miles of the Ashland downtown. This popular spa destination attracts people of all ages who look for a place to relax, enjoy mineral-rich water, and use health benefits that the spa offers.

Hot water flows out of three sulfur springs directly into a 15 by 25 feet soaking pool. The water temperature in the pool is around 80°F that is good for the summer seasons and cold enough for winters. Due to large water flow at a rate of 80,000 gallons daily and high alkalinity with a pH of 9.3, no chemical treatment is required.

The thermal water from the source is heated up to 120°F. After mixing with cold water to a comfortable temperature, it is used for hot tubs. A large hot pool is adjusted to the swimming pool and can be used year-round. Also, single and double tubs with jets are available to be rented for private use.

Jackson Wellsprings is built on a natural alkaline source which has high levels of minerals in the water. There are also the sauna and steam rooms available. A day spa offers a wide range of treatments such as massage therapy including Watsu, body treatments, facials, revitalizing and replenishing treatments.

Camping grounds are located on-site. Teepee rentals, car camping, and RV sites with full hook-ups include spa and pool usage.

Jackson Wellsprings
Hot Pool

Jackson Wellsprings
Swimming Pool

Jackson Wellsprings
Hot Springs in Fall

Jackson Wellsprings
Swimming Pool

Jackson Wellsprings Short History

The hot springs on the banks of Bear Creek originally served as a ceremonial site for the Native Americans, a place of spirituality, peace, and neutrality. Pregnant women traveled far to have their babies in the hot springs waters. This practice was then even adopted by the settlers.

Applying for water rights in the 1860s, Eugenia Jackson declared that the hot springs should be used purely for healing purposes and, also, has to be available for public use.

In 1995, the hot springs were acquired by new owners and renamed Wellsprings to emphasize that this is a spot for health restoration and rejuvenation.


Wellsprings | Facts

Location: 3 miles northeast of Ashland • Southern Oregon • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Olympic-size pool, public hot tub, private tubs, sauna, steam room
Clothing: Required before 8 pm or the dark (whichever is earlier)
Amenities & Services: Café, spa treatments, massage, cultural events, swimming classes
Accommodations: Teepees, tent and RV sites
Road access: Any vehicle
Day-use: Yes with fees

Elevation: 1,950 ft (594 m)

Water T° (source): 90°F (32°C)

Water T° (swimming pool): 80°F (27°C)
Water T° (hot tub): 100°F(38°C) and higher
Water acidity level: Alkaline (pH=9.3)
Springs Type: Sodium Carbonate Chloride
Average dissolved solids: 340 ppm
Alkalinity (Total): 64 Mg/L
Hardness (Total): 6.6 Mg/L
Chemical used: None

Sodium (Na) - 108 Mg/L
Boron (B)- 2.8 Mg/L
Calcium (Ca) - 2.6 Mg/L
Potassium (K) - 1.2 Mg/L
Carbonate (CO3) - 84 Mg/L
Chloride (Cl) - 83 Mg/L
Silica (SiO2) - 75 Mg/L
Sulfate (SO4) - 24 Mg/L
Nitrate (NO3) - 10 Mg/L
Fluoride (F) - 2 Mg/L

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Directions to Wellsprings

From I-5,

  • Take exit 19 in Ashland
  • Turn right and drive onto S Valley View Road, then continue on W Jackson Road
  • The destination is on the right, after Lithia Springs Resort.

Phone: 541-482-3776

Address: 2253 Highway 99 North Ashland, Oregon 97520

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