South Harney Lake Hot Springs

• South Harney Lake Hot Springs is located in the remote caldera depression
• The second hottest geothermal source in the Harney Basin

South Harney Lake Hot Springs is located inside of the Harney Basin - a caldera depression that has been created 32,000 years ago when huge lava flows separated the basin from the Malheur River.

Found at the southeastern edge of Harney Lake, South Harney Lake Hot Springs is a collection of bubbling hot springs with a distinct sulfur smell. The temperature of the geothermal sources is over 150 degrees F. The mineral water cools down while flowing from the colorful hot pond through the flat sagebrush landscape into the narrow channel. According to GTILO, South Harney Lake Hot Springs is the second hottest geothermal resource in the Harney Basin. The flow of the springs is greater than 450 liters per minute.

The hot springs are located on private land, access is not allowed.

South Harney Lake Hot Springs | Facts

Privately owned | Access is not allowed by owners

Elevation: 4,100 ft (1,250 m)

Water T° (source): 140-150°F (60-65°C)
Water acidity level: Neutral (pH=7.26)
Springs type: Sodium Bicarbonate Chloride
Flow rate: 119 gallon/min (450 l/min)
Chemical used: None
Average dissolved solids: 2,100 ppm

Sodium (Na) - 630 Mg/L
Potassium (K) - 13 Mg/L
Calcium (Ca) - 12 Mg/L
Magnesium (Mg) - 1.8 Mg/L
Chloride (Cl) - 590 Mg/L
Carbonate (CO3) - 568 Mg/L
Sulfate (SO4) - 140 Mg/L
Silica (SiO2) - 92 Mg/L
Fluoride (F) - 3.3 Mg/L
Boron (B) - 11.3 Mg/L

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