Belknap Hot Springs - Lower Pool
Lower Pool

Belknap Hot Springs is a historic resort on the bank of the McKenzie River
Features mineral swimming pools & the scenic "Secret Garden"

Belknap Hot Springs Lodge is located in the beautiful Willamette National Forest, 58 miles east of Eugene and 6 miles east of the town of McKenzie Bridge.

The fact that a lot of archaeological artifacts has been found on the river banks means that the hot mineral water was used by Native Americans for thousands of years for their medical practices and religious rituals.

In 1854, the group of men, who settled nearby, explored and described the hot springs. They named it "Pools of Salome" and "Siloam Springs".

In 1869, Rollin S. Belknap claimed springs for commercial use. In 1874, the health and spa resort was open to the public. At that time it was known as Salt Springs.

In 1891, the property was sold and under new ownership, the name was changed to Belknap Springs.

For nearly 150 years, the hot springs resort went through several changes of ownership and had various improvements and remodeling. Since resort opening, it has been almost continuously operated, except a period of time between 1968 and 1978.

Now, the historic hot springs resort offers a variety of accommodations including cabins, lodge rooms, camp and RV sites. During your stay, besides bathing in the mineral-rich water, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including, hiking, biking, rafting, and fishing.

Belknap Hot Springs - Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Belknap Hot Springs - Lower Pool
Lower Pool at night
Belknap Hot Springs
Upper Pool at Night
Belknap Hot Springs Upper Pool
Upper Pool

The main geothermal source is located at the northern bank of the river. The extremely hot water at a temperature of 196-degree Fahrenheit is piped across the river to the heat exchanger which is used to supply heat energy to the lodge and hot water to the resort facilities. After cooling down, the water is piped into swimming pools. The swimming pools temperature is kept at 92°F in summer and 102°F in winter.

The lower pool at the river bank is available for day-use daily between 9 am and 9 pm. The upper pool is reserved for people who stay overnight and open until 10 pm. Four lodge rooms have their private indoor Jacuzzi tubs.

This riverside resort is also known for its exotic Secret Garden hidden in the woods. Start your exciting journey to the garden from the lodge and main office. Cross the bridge and hike through a spectacular forest. This trail is a part of the 27-mile McKenzie River biking and hiking trails that pass Tamolich Blue Pool, Sahalie and Koosah Falls, old lava flows, and Clear Lake.

Check the Belknap Hot Springs website for a reservation and prices.


Belknap Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 58 miles east of Eugene • Oregon Cascade Mountains  • USA
Year-round, the lower pool is opened from 9 am to 9 pm; upper pool (overnight guests only) from 9 am to 10 pm
Development: Resort, two outdoor pools, & gardens
Clothing: Required
Amenities & Services: Changing room, restrooms, convenience store, continental breakfast for the lodge guests
Accommodations: Lodge, guest cabins, mountain homes, tent and RV sites
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle
Day-use: Yes with fees

Elevation: 1,700 ft (518 m)

Water T° (source): 196°F (91°C)
Water T° (pools): 92°F (33°C) - 102°F (39°C)
Water acidity level: Neutral (pH=7.6)
Springs type: Sodium Chloride
Flow Rate: 75 gallon/min (285 l/min)
Chemical used: Yes

Average dissolved solids: 2,650 ppm

Sodium (Na) - 690 Mg/L
Calcium (Ca) - 210 Mg/L
Potassium (K) - 15 Mg/L
Boron (B) - 6.4 Mg/L
Lithium (Ca) - 0.95 Mg/L
Magnesium - 0.2 Mg/L
Chloride (Cl) - 1,300 Mg/L
Sulfate (SO4) - 170 Mg/L
Silica (SiO2) - 96 Mg/L
Bromine (Br) - 33 Mg/L
Carbonate (CO3) - 19 Mg/L
Fluorine (F) - 1.2 Mg/L

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Directions to Belknap Hot Springs

From I-5,

  • Take exit 194A in Eugene
  • Head on Highway 126 east for about 55 miles to the Belknap Springs Road
  • Turn left and drive to the resort.
Phone: (541) 822-3961

Address: 59296 Belknap Hot Springs Rd, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413

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