Benton Hot Springs

Benton Hot Springs is a serene hot springs oasis in the Eastern Sierra high desert
The small mining town has a rich history which dates back to the mid-1800s.

Benton Hot Springs
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Benton Hot Springs
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A tranquil hot springs oasis in the high desert of the Eastern Sierra, Benton Hot Springs is located about 4 miles away from a town of Benton near the California-Nevada border. Operated almost a hundred years, the 1,225-acre ranch is a large open space with the White Mountains in the background; 70% of the land is under a conservation easement with Eastern Sierra Land Trust, Bramlette Trust, and Mono County to preserve it for future generations.

Benton Hot Springs is more than just a hot spring resort. Also known as Benton and Old Benton, this is a small mining town with a rich set of history dating back to the mid-1800s. There are many old ghost buildings as a reminder about once a thriving little town with up to 5,000 residents.

The old historical buildings:

  • The Old Bank Building was built in 1870s
  • The Old House was built in 1870s and used as Wells Fargo Agency and General Store
  • The Benton Jail was erected in 1875
  • Wai Wera Hotel was constructed in 1904.


The natural hot springs were known and used by Native Americans for thousands of years. In 1852, European explorers discovered these isolated springs and it was only the start of its rapid expansion. Silver ore was later discovered near the Blind Springs Hill and the White Mountains that spurred massive development of the area.

In 1883, the Carson & Colorado Railroad erected Benton Station four miles west of Old Benton. The town, however, did not experience as much growth in the forthcoming years but it retained its prominence as a popular attraction of Eastern California.

Benton Old Banking Building
Old Banking Building
Benton Old House
Old House

Benton Hot Springs Features

The natural mineral water emerges from the hill at 140 degrees Fahrenheit with a fast rate of 800 gallons per minute. The hot springs water is used for drinking, soaking in hot tubs, heating systems, showers, toilets and for agriculture.

There are five houses with private hot tubs and 11 hot tub sites for overnight and day use. Each site features a private hot tub, picnic table, fire grill and pit. Accommodations with bed-and-breakfast options are also available in a historic miners cabin and in one of the seven Inn's rooms. Clothing is optional in the private bathing areas.

If you are a nature enthusiasts and appreciate a tranquil atmosphere, taste of history, and relaxing soaking experience, this should be the top spot in your traveling plans.

Benton Hot Springs is open year-round. However, before you go, check road conditions. The weather can be unpredictable and severe snow situations can happen quickly during fall, winter and spring. Do not rely on GPS or cell phone navigator, as SR 120 from the Mono Lake to Benton Hot Springs can be closed. Check directions to the hot springs below.

Benton Hot Springs Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 38.8 miles north of Bishop • California • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Rustic, hot tubs
Services: Breakfast for Inn's guests
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle, CA 120 from Mono Lake can be closed during winter months
Restrictions: No music or loud noises; It is illegal to collect and burn woods onsite
Day-use: Available

Elevation: 5,700 ft (1,737 m)

Water T° (source): 140°F (60°C)
Water T° (hot tubs): Can be adjusted


From Bishop,

  • Take US-6 (N Main St) and follow 40 miles north to CA-120
  • Turn left onto CA-120 in Benton and continue 3.8 miles to the destination.

Phone (for reservation): (760) 933-2287

Address: 55137 Highway 120, Benton, CA 93512

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