Crowley Hot Springs

Crowley Hot Springs is located on the east side of Sierra Nevada Mountains
Features two hot spring pools in the volcanically active Long Valley Caldera

Crowley Hot Springs - Wild Willy's Hot Springs
View from the trail
Crowley Hot Springs
Trail to the Pools
Crowley Hot Springs | Wild Willy's Hot Springs
Small Pool
Crowley Hot Springs | Wild Willy's Hot Springs
View from the Large Pool

Also known as Wild Willy's Hot Springs, Crowley Hot Springs is a great outdoor destination for those adventurous ones who want to soak in mineral hot water and enjoy a 360-degree views of Long Valley and the majestic Eastern Sierra.

Crowley Hot Springs is one of the many popular soaking sites near a town of Mammoth Lakes. However, unlike Rock Tub, Hilltop Hot, Crab Cooker, and Shepherd, Crowley Hot Springs with its two soaking pools can accommodate more people without feeling cramped.

A heart-shaped pool at the end of the wooden boardwalk is 3 feet deep and large enough for 10 - 15 people. Hot mineral water emerges at 105-degree Fahrenheit out the source and flows to the pool through a small creek channel. The pool temperature depends on the weather conditions and is about 98-102 degrees.

A small primitive pool is located a few yards away at a rock outcropping. Mineral water comes out at 102-degree Fahrenheit near the rock. The pool is 2 feet deep and can accommodate up to five people.

If you are heading North on Highway 395 from Bishop, take a right at Benton Crossing Road before you reach the airport. Follow nearly two miles by car until you reach a parking area with some logs to mark the location. There is plenty of parking and a trail that consists of an elevated wooden path in this part of Mammoth Lakes, California.

Expect to walk a few hundred yards from the parking area using a gravel trail and wooden walkway through the salty plain. There is murky water around and scenic mountains ridges on the background.

Managed by BLM, this area is kept clean. Please do not abuse the privilege of accessing this beautiful spot. Obey all signs and pack out all trash.


Crowley Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 13.5 miles east of Mammoth Lakes • California • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Primitive
Clothing: Optional
Services: No services are available
Hiking distance: 0.3 miles
Road Access: Any vehicle when the small dirt road is dry. Do not drive in snowy or wet conditions.
Day-use fees: None

Elevation: 6,800 ft (2,073 m)

Water T° (source): 102-110°F (39-43°C)
Water T° (pools): 98-102°F (37-39°C)


From the junction US-395 and Benton Crossing Road,

  • Travel 3.1 miles northeast to a small dirt road on the right
  • After passing the second cattle guard, turn right onto a small dirt road
  • Follow this road for about 1.2 miles to the parking area and trailhead.

Park your car and walk on the gravel and wooden trail to the hot springs. Stay on the trail. When it is wet, the soil becomes mire.

GPS (DDM/DD): N 37°39.672' W 118°46.062' | 37.661197, -118.7677

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