Hunt Hot Springs CA

Hunt Hot Springs is located near the scenic Mount Shasta
One of many primitive hot springs in the Big Bend area

An amazing destination at the edge of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Hunt Hot Springs along the Kosk Creek provides great opportunities to relax in mineral-rich water and enjoy a peaceful vibe. The last mile before the Kosk Creek enters the Pit River has plenty of spots with hot spring water emerging from everywhere - hillsides, the creek’s bank, and bottom. Volunteers built pools and tubs in a few locations. One of those spots was named Hunt Hot Springs.

Hunt Hot Springs water is very hot and it flows out at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The source hot water feeds two adjoining rock and concrete tubs, then flows to the creek. Depending on weather conditions, the water temperature in the tubs range between 110°F and 140°F . You can use already built pools at the edge of the creek or even build your own one. The temperature can be adjusted by allowing the creek water to flow in.

Begin your journey from the town of Big Bend (read the directions below). Park your car at the Kosk Creek Bridge and hike 0.7 miles to Hunt Hot Springs and for about one mile to Kosk Hot Springs.

The trail runs along the creek through the private property but the landowner allows to hike to the hot springs. Please do not abuse the privilege of accessing the area. Be sure to pack out all trash, no camping or fires are allowed.

Do not use any other routes to get to the hot springs, many internet sources and books provide wrong directions through the private land and pasture. Do not trespass.

Hunt Hot Springs - California

Hunt Hot Springs CA

Hunt Hot Springs - California

Hunt Hot Springs - California

Camping & Lodging

As the area is public land, there are no camping opportunities available at the hot springs. There are numerous campsites in the Trinity and Lassen National Forests nearby.

The nearest accommodations are found in Burney, 33 miles away.

Affordable vacation rentals for short and long term stay at Burney

Lodging in Burney


Hunt Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 2 miles northwest of Big Bend • California • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Primitive
Clothing: Optional
Amenities: None
Hiking distance: 0.7 miles
Road Access: Any vehicle to the Kosk Creek Bridge, do not drive to the hot springs
Restrictions: No camping, no fires, no dogs
Day-use fees: None
Managed by: Private property

Elevation: 1,615 ft (492 m)

Water T° (source): Over 170°F (77°C)
Water T° (pool): 110-140°F (43-60°C)

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Directions to Hunt Hot Springs

From I-5 in Redding,

  • Take exit 680 for CA-299 East
  • Drive 35 miles onto CA-299 to Big Bend Road
  • Turn left onto Big Bend Road and continue 15.7 miles to the Pit River bridge in Big Bend
  • Cross the bridge and follow 0.9 miles onto Summit lake Road to the fork
  • Bear left and continue 1.2 miles onto the forest road (unpaved) to the bridge across the Kosk Creek
  • Turn left and park your car before the bridge.

The trail runs along the creek, always keep right on the trail. Hunt Hot Springs is located 0.7 miles and Kosk Hot Springs 1 mile off the bridge.

GPS (Hot Springs): N 41°02.016' W 121°55.900' | 41.03360, -121.93167

GPS (Trailhead): N 41°02.388' W 121°55.759' | 41.03980, -121.92932


  1. Do not go to this town Big Bend-I went to the hot springs and my car was vandalized and all our belongings stolen-the “locals” know that when they see a car going through town the only place you would be going in the hot springs-the thieves then know that they have at least 45 min to break into your car while your hiking to the hot springs-I would stay away from this tweeker town-it is not a “serene town near Mt. Shasta”-far from it-I would avoid anything and anyone from this place- Bad bad karma there. Find a differnet hot springs this one is full of bad karma. 12/25/2020

  2. WARNING! Highly don’t recommend going to this place at night time, if you do plan on going at night make sure to park on the beach of the river where your car is visible & on site (4 wheel drive required). When you arrive (according to your navigation) you will see a concrete divider block with Graffiti/Writing on it. DO NOT park in that area as my car got stolen from that area leaving my boyfriend & I stranded at midnight. There is no service for At&t customers until you get to 17 miles to the main road, the place is known to be a shady area & CHP will not come to pick you up! (Thank god we made it out safely). From the concrete divider block is still a 5-10 min walk to the hot springs so keep that in mind!

  3. You’re lucky if your car is the only thing that gets vandalized in this tweaker junk yard of a town. Some kids “from the city” and an older tweaked out psychotic local physically assaulted two women with a baby and small child because they were asked to call their pit bull away so the baby could warm up. The dozen vandalized and burned cars with “welcome to big bend” spray painted across them should be a huge red flag to anyone coming to this place. The several pools in the area are beautiful, but only one is comfortable soaking temperature, and that spot is pretty small, so beware of who is about be your company. We’ve been here many times with no problems, but would not go back.

  4. Sorry to hear a few of you had a bad experience. There is now a Free WiFI Hotspot in Big Bend provided by the Campsite Pros RV Park and Campground. Free 15 minutes for emergency calls. No longer will you have to go back to 299 for signal if you have a wifi enabled phone. You could try parking either at the Pit Stop Grocery Store or renting a space at the RV Park and Campground leaving your belongings there under their security camera and onsite staff, then ride a bike or walk to the hot springs. A day pass at the campgrounds is $8. The parking lot at the Pit Stop is Free. Every town seems to have ne’er-do-wells these days. It looks like the two reported incidents are 9 months and 16 months ago. I do know not all incidents have been posted here. I haven’t heard of anything lately but that could change at any moment. The hot springs are worth the trouble. Go in a group and leave someone at the car. Rotate soaking, take turns. It’s not too far from the parking spot to the hot springs. Or arrange to leave nothing in your car or truck. If you do go respect the place, pack out what you pack in. Enjoy a great soak! Pro tip.. set a game camera up if you have to leave your car.

  5. Why doesn’t some enterprising local start charging to watch your car and sell water/treats while you go soak. I would gladly pay for security and peace of mind knowing your car is being watched over from the local tweakers.

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