Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort – California

Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort is a vast property with a lot of amenities

Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort is a well-developed hot spring facility in Southern California with a lot of things to do and plenty of options for a stay from a single-day visit to long-term accommodation!

This beautiful spot sits in the stunning desert next to the breathtaking Chocolate Mountains, 8 miles away from the Salton Sea, and 70 miles southeast of the city of Palm Springs.

Hot mineral water flows out of the 350 feet well at the temperature of 131°F with a great volume of 600 gallons per minute. Then it gets piped to a variety of pools and tubs. Water is adjusted from pool to pool, but you can enjoy it at the highest temperature in the clover-shaped pool often called "The Lobster Pot".

There are three hot spas, one raw mineral spa, three personal soaking tubs, one saltwater pool, and one chlorinated pool on the property. There are also his-and-her private steam rooms. Amenities at the resort are plentiful to augment your relaxation and soaking experience. You will have access to tennis and pickleball courts, a big gym, a billiard room, ping pong tables, a crafts room, a library, and more!

Accommodation selection at the Fountain of Youth is vast. You can get a regular camping spot, RV hook-up or no hook-up site, a vacation villa for a long or short-term rental, and even buy a house next to the rejuvenating geothermal spring! There is no day-use at the resort, so to soak and use facilities, you will have to get an overnight stay. Clothing is mandatory at the pools.

In addition to the rejuvenating soak in the hot mineral water, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in the nearby area including miles and miles of biking and hiking trails. If you wish to ride ATVs out on the sand dunes, old mines, and bat caves, rentals are available at Glamis North Hot Springs Resort, 1.3 miles away.

Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort – California
Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort – California
Pool Area
Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort – California
Lobster Pot

Fountain of Youth Resort | Facts

Location: 15 miles northwest of Niland • California • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Spa resort
Clothing: Mandatory
Amenities: Villas, RV sites, pools and tubs, gym, tennis courts, convenience store, library, etc
Hiking distance: short
Road Access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: No day-use

Elevation: -71 ft (-22 m)

Water T°: <131° F (55° C)
Water acidity level: Weak acidic (pH=6.55)
Springs type: Sodium Bicarbonate Chloride & Sulfate
Average dissolved solids: 4,585 ppm
Total alkalinity: 564 ppm
Total hardness: 1,040 ppm

Sodium (Na) - 1,590 ppm
Calcium (Ca) - 248 ppm
Carbonate (CO3) - 690 ppm
Sulfate (SO4) - 178 ppm
Chloride (Cl) - 2,237 ppm

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Directions to Fountain of Youth Resort

From Palm Springs,

  • Take I-10 and follow 18 miles east to CA-86
  • Keep right and continue 12 miles onto CA-86 to 66th Avenue
  • Turn left onto 66th Avenue and after 1 mile take a right onto CA-111 S
  • Follow for about 29 miles to Hot Mineral Spa Road
  • Turn left onto Hot Mineral Spa Road and continue for 1.7 miles
  • Bear right onto Spa Road and drive 1.2 miles, then turn left onto Fountain of Youth Drive.

GPS: N 33°25.080' W 115°36.213' | 33.41800, -115.60355

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