Mormon Bend Hot Springs

• Mormon Bend Hot Springs are submerged during winter runoffs
• You will have to ford the river to access the springs

Mormon Bend Hot Springs sits on the bank of Salmon River in scenic Sawtooth National Forest, 7.4 miles northeast of Stanley.

Hot mineral water comes from the ground at 100°F into one or two pools and further cooles down. The pools are simple rock-and-sand constructions and have to be rebuilt after every spring season.

You can only access the hot springs during summer and fall when the water level is low.

This undeveloped hot spring sits on the river's opposite bank and might be tricky to get to. You will have to ford the river, but it increases your chances of soaking in solitude.

Clothing is optional but highly suggested since the pool is visible from the highway. The closest services are located in Stanley.

You can visit multiple hot springs nearby, including Basin Creek Hot Springs, Cove Creek (Kem) Hot Springs, Boat Box (Elkhorn) Hot Springs, Sunbeam Hot Springs, and Snake Pit Hot Springs.

In addition to Mormon Bend Campground, there are plenty of other campsites located in the area along the river.

Mormon Bend Hot Springs
Campground Entry
Mormon Bend Hot Springs
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Mormon Bend Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 7 miles southeast of Stanley • Central Idaho • USA
Open: Summer and fall
Development: Undeveloped
Clothing: Optional
Amenities: None
Accommodations:Mormon Bend Campground
Hiking distance: Short, requires to ford the river
Road access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: None
Managed by: US Forest Service

Elevation: 6,100 ft (1,859 m)

Water T° (source): 100 °F (38 °C)
Water T° (pools): Vary

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Directions to Mormon Bend Hot Springs

From Stanley

  • Take ID-75 North for 6.7 miles
  • Turn right onto Forest Rd 70624a.

Park at the Mormon Bend Campground. Walk to the river and cross it close to the corner of the river bend. The hot spring is located on the gravel bar.

GPS: N 44°15.641' W 114°50.354' | 44.26068, -114.83923

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