Jonson's Bridge Hot Springs

Johnsons Bridge Hot Springs is a geothermal site at Elk Flat Campground
Features numerous primitive pools along the South Fork Boise River

Johnson's Bridge Hot Springs is a series of primitive geothermal mineral water pools sitting on the eastern bank of the South Fork Boise River at the Forest Road 114 that leads to Featherville. This site is also known as Elk Flat Hot Springs after Elk Flat Campground situated on the opposite side of the river.

The gravel riverbank is jagged by numerous hot water channels. Raising steam is visible from the road allowing easily to find this hot spring wonder. The geothermal water comes out of the source at the temperature of 135°F and flows through numerous natural channels to many pools along the river. The pools are lined with river rocks and have rock-and-sand bottoms.

Water consistently flows in and out of the pools and its temperature varies from extremely cold to very hot. Due to pools being adjacent to the rushing river, some soaking pools can be covered by chilly river water in the winters and early springs. When the water river level in the river is low, the temperature in the pools may be too high. So, check the water temperature before your bathing and mix it with river water if needed.

You can pick from several pools south of the bridge or pools just north of the bridge abutment. This is an undeveloped location, yet it allows one to enjoy the beauty of Idaho's nature while experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of hot mineral water.

Please use swimming suits while bathing because hot springs pools are visible from the campground, bridge, and roads.

No services are available here with the nearest services being in Pine about 5 miles away.

You can enjoy a variety of hiking trails in the area including a 1.3-mile long Bridge (Elk Flat) Hot Springs trail, 4.5-mile Green Creek Trail 270, and Cross Cut Trail 172. In addition to hiking, Green Creek Trail 270 and Cross Cut Trail 172 are open for biking, horseback riding, and even off-road vehicles!

Trinity Hot Springs Resort is located 1 mile north and Baumgartner Hot Springs is located approximately 17 miles west.

Jonsons Bridge Hot Springs
Geothermal Steam
Jonsons Bridge Hot Springs
Hot Springs Pool Under the Bridge
Elk Flat Hot Springs
Hot Springs Pool

Johnsons Bridge Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 55 miles northeast of Mountain Home • Idaho • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Undeveloped
Clothing: Required
Amenities: None
Accommodations: Elk Flat Campground
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: None

Elevation: 4,300 ft (1,311 m)

Water T° (source): 135°F (57°C)
Water T° (pool): Vary
Odor: None

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Directions to Johnsons Bridge Hot Springs

From Mountain Home,

  • Take Highway US-20 and travel 32 miles east to Forest Road 61
  • Turn left (north) onto Forest 61 and follow 18 miles to Pine/Featherville Road (Forest Road  114)
  • Turn right onto Pine/Featherville Road and go for about 5 miles to the Jonson Bridge.

GPS: N 43°32.393' W 115°17.331' | 43.539883, -115.288850

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