Maple Grove Hot Springs
Courtesy of Maple Grove Hot Springs & Retreat Center

Maple Grove Hot Springs is a rustic resort in the scenic Oneida Narrows Canyon
Features three soaking pools and a larger therapy pool

Maple Grove Hot Springs & Retreat Center is a rustic hot spring getaway in the canyon of Oneida Narrows Reservoir and Bear River, located about 20 miles away from the Idaho-Nevada border. The 45-acre resort offers a great soaking opportunity in the midst of the scenic nature of Southern Idaho providing an amazing escape for the entire family!

The springs had been operated as a commercial hot spring from the early 1900s until the 1960s and previously was known as Hopkins Hot Springs. The property changed hands a few times and went through disrepair and restoration. Currently, there are three soaking pools and a larger therapy pool sitting right on the shore allowing you to view beautiful nature while enjoying the health benefits of geothermal mineral water.

Hot mineral water comes out of a few sources at a temperature of over 180°F and flows to a large pond where the water cools down. The network of geothermal water streams, rivers, and waterfalls feed the retreat pools as well as the Bear River. Please, be careful, the source water is dangerously hot.

The soaking pools are roundly shaped and lined with mortar and rocks. The water temperature here ranges from 100° F to 107° F. The temperature of the large therapy pool varies from 95° F to 100° F.

Since all pools operate on a flow-through basis, no chemical treatment is needed.

Maple Grove Hot Springs property uses solar- and hydro-power to generate electricity.

The property can be reserved fully or partially for your events like family gatherings, weddings, or birthdays. The resort offers accommodations including yurts, canvas tents, a cabin, and tent site spaces. There is a general store, community kitchen, lockers, showers, and dressing rooms.

The property is open for both day use and overnight stays. A reservation is required even for day use.

Besides hot water bathing the area gives access to a variety of outdoor activities including kayaking, swimming, hiking, and biking. During your visit, there is a chance to watch wildlife including deer, turkey, swan, geese, and much more.

Maple Grove Hot Springs - Idaho Hot Springs

Maple Grove Hot Springs - Idaho Hot Springs

Maple Grove Hot Springs - Idaho Hot Springs

Maple Grove Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 21 miles north of Preston • Idaho • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Rustic resort, soaking pools
Clothing: Required
Amenities: General store
Accommodations: Yurts, canvas tents, a cabin
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle
Day-use: Yes

Elevation: 4,900 ft (1,494 m)

Water T° (source): 180°F (82°C)
Water T° (soaking pools): 100°-107°F (38°-42°C)
Water T° (therapy pool): 95°-100°F (35°-38°C)
Chemical used: None
Odor: None

Sodium (Na) - 508 Mg/L
Calcium (Ca) - 80 Mg/L
Potassium (K) - 69 Mg/L
Silica (SiO2) - 25 Mg/L
Magnesium (Mg) - 22 Mg/L
Strontium (Sr) - 2 Mg/L
Lithium (Li) - 0.75 Mg/L
Manganese (Mn) - 0.115 Mg/L

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Directions to Maple Grove Hot Springs

From Grace,

  • Take Highway 34 and drive 16 miles south to 13800 N Road
  • Turn on 13800 N Road sand then immediate right on Maple Grove Road
  • Continue 3 miles south on Maple Grove Road 3 miles to the fork
  • Bear right on the fork and follow 0.2 miles to the destination.

Phone: 1-208-244-0695

Address: 11386 Oneida Narrows Road, Thatcher, ID 83283

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