Heise Hot Springs Idaho Soaking Pool
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• Heise Hot Springs has 4 pools and a water slide
• The resort also has a golf course, a zipline, and other amenities

Heise Hot Springs is a modern, family-friendly resort in the Upper Snake River Valley, 23 miles northeast of Idaho Falls. In addition to geothermal mineral water soaking, the resort offers a golf course, zip line, pizza restaurant, and other amenities.

The First People in the Upper Snake River Valley enjoyed the fruits of the land long before Europeans arrived. Natives hunted, fished, and bathed in the natural hot springs.

Richard Camor Heise moved to the area from Germany and became the first owner of the springs. In 1890, he came here and tried the healing waters for the first time to treat his severe rheumatism. Fortunately, the waters relieved his illness, so he settled near the springs.

Heise built a store, hotel, and public pools fed by hot mineral water. Elof Nelson, a local builder and engineer, helped Heise supply clean water for the resort. Over time, Heise Hot Springs became a popular destination for health seekers and recreational visitors.

The local infrastructure has improved over the years, and the place has been developed further. Today, it remains a popular destination for people who seek healing waters and for outdoor activity lovers.

Heise is a full-service resort where you can stay a few nights or longer. Alternatively, you can swing by during the day and get a day pass.

Geothermal Water & Soaking

Geothermal mineral water comes from the spring at 126° F (52° C) and is piped into 4 pools.

The first hot soaking pool is maintained at 104° F (40° C).

The second pool is family-friendly, shallow, and warm, with a temperature of 92° F (33° C).

The third summer swimming pool is 84° F (29° C). It has a 350-foot waterslide next to it and is open from Memorial Weekend through Labor Day. The water slide empties into a separate, 4th miniature pool.

Heise is a family-friendly resort, so bathsuits are mandatory.

The water in the pools is lightly treated with hydrogen sulfide.

Heise Hot Springs Idaho Soaking Pool
Photo By Heise Hot Springs

Beyond Hot Springs: Other Adventures

Heise Hot Springs hosts swimming, lifeguard, and WSI classes.

Also, the resort has a golf course and a zipline (both are closed during winter).

The famous Snake River runs next to the resort and is a fantastic fishing and kayaking spot. The river's cutthroat trout are considered among the best in the world.

If you're hungry, you can enjoy a milkshake and a burger at the snack bar or visit a famous pizza parlor right at the resort.

Camping & Lodging

You can rent a cabin or stay at the resort's tent or RV campground.

Alternatively, you can get a hotel or a short-term rental in Idaho Falls.

Affordable short and long-term rentals near Heise Hot Springs

Affordable short and long-term rentals in Idaho Falls

Heise Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 23 miles northeast of Idaho Falls • Eastern Idaho • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Swimming pools, soaking pool, water slide
Clothing: Mandatory
Amenities & Services: Cabins, campground, snack bar, restaurant, zipline, golf course

Hiking distance: Short
Road access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: Yes

Elevation: 5,000 ft (1,524 m)

Water T° (source):126° F (52° C)
Water T° (soaking pool): 104° F (40° C)
Water T° (family pool): 92° F (33° C)
Water T° (swimming pool): 84° F (29° C)
Odor: None
Chemical used: Hydrogen sulfide

Mineral Content (grains/%):

Potassium Sulphate 8/.0138
Sodium Sulphate 50/.0860
Calcium Carbonate 50/.1034
Magnesium Chloride 15/.0260
Sodium Chloride 180/.3100
Sodium Carbonate 15/.0260
Silica 17/.0290

Directions to Heise Hot Springs

From Idaho Falls,

  • Take US-26 E/Northgate Mile/Yellowstone Avenue for 19.2 miles
  • Turn left onto N 160 E and follow it for 2 miles
  • Turn right onto E 100 N/160 E/Heise Rd/Poplar Loop and follow it for 0.7 miles
  • Slight left to stay on E 100 N/160 E/Heise Rd/Poplar Loop and follow it for 0.5 miles
  • Turn right onto E Heise Rd and follow it for 0.9 miles.

Phone: 208-538-7312

Address: 5116 E Heise Rd, Ririe, ID 83443

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