Downata Hot Springs Idaho Soaking
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• Downata Hot Springs has 3 pools, 3 water slides, and a water playground
• The resort features a hotel, campground, restaurant and other developments

Downata Hot Springs is a well-developed resort near Downey in Idaho's southeastern corner. This spot has multiple amenities, accommodations, and access to various outdoor adventures in the area.

Local Mormons used the spring water long before the soaking area was developed.

In 1907, the Marshall family bought the ranch and built the first pool. Later, the Evans family joined the Marshalls and together built the complete resort in the winter of 1929.

Since then, many families have operated the Downata, and several owners now operate the resort together. They have also made significant improvements to the facility, including new floors, a new sewage system, multiple improvements at the campground, and much more.

Come and enjoy Downata for a brief soak and stay longer at the hotel or campground. But remember that the resort is closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for the winter and spring months.

Geothermal Water & Soaking

Geothermal mineral water emerges from a source at 112° F (44° C) and is piped to the three outdoor pools, three waterslides, and a water playground.

The swimming pool temperature ranges between 85° F to 99° F (29° C - 37° C) in summer and 95° F to 101° F (35° C - 38° C) in winter. 3 fully enclosed water slides emptying into this pool.

The hot spring soaking pool temperature ranges between 102° F and 106° F (39° C - 41° C). It is divided into two separate parts, each with jets and night lighting.

There is also a water playground for kids.

Additionally, you can get a massage at the Downata spa.

The swimwear is mandatory here since it is a family-friendly resort.

During summer, the Red Cross teaches swimming, lifeguarding, water safety instructorship, CPR, and senior swim classes.

Downata Hot Springs Idaho Soaking
Photo By Downata Hot Springs

Beyond Hot Springs: Other Adventures

If you get hungry, you can eat at the snack bar near the pool or at the restaurant. Downata offers meal & soak deals on weekdays. Also, pool party packages are available during warm seasons.

During summer, you can go hiking, bird watching, or take an ATV excursion at Oxford Peak.

During winter, you can enjoy snowmobiling and other snow-season adventures.

Camping & Lodging

You can book a house, cabin, or yurt at the resort.

Also, there is a developed campground with RV and tent spots, tepees, and a Cowboy Hangout. Please keep in mind that the campground has a water shortage from mid-October until May. Some of the accommodations are pet-friendly.

Additionally, the surrounding area has more accommodation to choose from.

Hotels near Downata Hot Springs

Downata Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 4 miles southeast of Downey • Southeast Idaho • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Swimming pool, soaking pool, water playground, water slides
Clothing: Mandatory
Amenities & Services: Cabins, yurts, campground, snack bar, restaurant, spa

Hiking distance: Short
Road access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: Yes

Elevation: 4,000 ft (1,219 m)

Water T° (source):112° F (44° C)
Water T° (swimming pool): 85° F - 99° F (29° C - 37° C) in summer and 95° F - 101° F (35° C - 38° C) in winter
Water T° (soaking pool): 102° F - 106° F (39° C - 41° C)
Odor: None
Chemical used: None

Directions to Downata Hot Springs

From Downey,

  • Take US-91 South for 3.3 miles
  • Turn right onto Back Downata Road/South Downata Road and follow it for 0.4 miles.

Phone: 208-897-5736

Address: 25900 S Downata Rd, Downey, ID 83234

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