Boiling Springs Idaho
Soaking Pool

• Boiling Springs is one of the hottest soaking spots in the area
• Cabins sited near the hot spring are a historic guard station

Boiling Springs is an undeveloped hot spring on the bank of the Middle Fork Payette River in the Boise National Forest. It is one of the hottest soaking spots in the area.

Buildings near the spring are a historic guard station converted into cabins you can reserve.

The spring is open year-round, but the forest service road is covered by snow during winter all the way till late May and might be impassable.

Geothermal Water & Soaking

You will have to hike 0.25 miles from the Boiling Springs Campground to get to the Boiling Springs.

Geothermal mineral water comes from the source at 175° F (79° C). It flows down the cliff into the small stream, filling up soaking pools on the way. A number of soaking pools is season-dependent, with the main pool being a concrete-enforced rock pond. The pools' bottoms are rock and sand with a minimal concentration of algae and silt.

Volunteers construct pools closer to the river, where temperatures are lower, but seasonal runoff destroys or floods those. Some pools are filled by the water flowing directly from the hill, while others are fed from the pipes. Always check the water temperature because it can be scalding hot.

Have a container, like a bucket, with you to add river water if the pool temperature is too high.

Ranger district prohibits nudity, so swimsuits are mandatory.

Boiling Springs Idaho
Source Temperature 175° F (79° C)

Other Hot Springs Nearby

Multiple hiking trails lead from the Boiling Springs to 5 other wild hot springs.

Littledipper Hot Spring sits 1.8 miles away.

Moondipper Hot Springs and Pine Burl Hot Springs are right next to each other via a 2-mile one-way hike.

Groundhog Hot Springs and Butterfly Hot Springs are also next to each other via a 3.5-mile one-way trail.

Boiling Springs Idaho

Beyond Hot Springs: Other Adventures

Rockhounding is very productive on the river bank and in the river, especially for quartz and agates.

Middle Fork of the Payette River is a fantastic fishing spot, particularly for trout.

You can also enjoy nature viewing, wildlife watching, camping at nearby campgrounds, and hiking at multiple trails of Boise National Forest.

Camping & Lodging

Boiling Springs Campground sits at the trailhead to the springs, 0.25 miles away from the soaking area.

You can rent the cabin through

The town of Crouch, 23 miles southwest, has more hotels and other accommodations.

Affordable short and long-term rentals in Crouch

Boiling Springs Idaho
Hillside View

Boiling Springs | Facts

Location: 23 miles southwest • Central Idaho • USA
Open: Year-round, but the road is covered by snow during winter
Development: Undeveloped
Clothing: Mandatory
Amenities: None

Hiking distance: 0.25 miles
Road access: Any vehicle, except during winter
Day-use fees: No
Managed by: US Forest Service

Elevation: 4,100 ft (1,250 m)

Water T° (source): 175° F (79° C)
Water T° (pools): Varies
Odor None

More Adventures

Directions to Boiling Springs

From Crouch,

  • Take S Middlefork Road for 3.2 miles
  • Turn left onto Middlefork Road and follow it for 13.9 miles
  • Turn left onto Forest Road 698/Middlefork Road and follow it for 5.4 miles.

GPS (Trailhead): N 44°21.604' W 115°51.594' | 44.36018, -115.85986

GPS (Hot Spring): N 44°21.858' W 115°51.391' | 44.36442, -115.85648

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