Spa Hot Springs Motel Montana Hot Springs
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• Spa Hot Springs Motel is often called the Baden-Baden of Montana for the water quality
• The outdoor pools are surrounded by murals showing Native American life

Spa Hot Springs Motel sits within the city limits of White Sulphur Springs in Montana's Smith River Valley.

Native Americans enjoyed hot mineral water here long before the first European explorers arrived. First People called these springs Wampum (beneficial) waters for the healing effects they received. Many tribes, including Flathead, Blackfeet, and Crow, visited these springs to cure their sick and injured.

Around 1872, James Brewer built the first bath house with a plunge and named it Brewer's Springs. Locals and travelers enjoyed the geothermal mineral water here for hundreds of years, just like you can today.

In fact, the resort is often compared to the famous German spa Baden-Baden because of the water quality. The high sulfur content makes the skin feel silky after the dip and provides multiple health benefits.

To honor the First People's heritage, murals showing Native American life surround the outdoor pools.

Interestingly, Spa Hot Springs uses solar power to produce electricity.

You can book a room at the motel or swing by for a refreshing dip during the day.

Geothermal Water & Soaking

Geothermal water comes out of the source at 130° F (54° C) and is piped into the 2 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool.

One outdoor pool is maintained at 98° F (37° C), while the second pool is at 103° F (39° C).

The indoor pool is even hotter - 105° F (41° C).

All 3 pools are flow-through, cleaned, and drained every night, so no chemicals are added to the water.

It is a family-friendly resort, so swimming suits are mandatory.

The resort hosts aqua aerobics classes seasonally every Fall and Spring.

Motel guests can use the pools for free, while day visitors must pay the pool fee.

The owner of the springs is a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist with a clinic adjacent to the pool.

Spa Hot Springs Motel Montana Hot Springs
Photo By Spa Hot Springs Motel

Beyond Hot Springs: Other Adventures

The motel does not have a restaurant, but there are multiple dining spots in White Sulphur Springs.

The hot spring sits 35 miles from Showdown Ski Area and Silver Crest Cross-Country Trail System. Additionally, Kings Hill has 200 miles of the best snowmobile trails in the area. There are also lots of trails for hiking and biking.

Nearby Newlan Creek Reservoir and Lake Sutherlin are excellent spots for fishing, kayaking, and water skiing.

Camping & Lodging

The Spa Motel has guest rooms and cabins. For an additional fee, pets are allowed in separate pet-friendly rooms.

The hot spring has RV electric hook-ups but no water or sewer hook-ups.

There are multiple campgrounds in the area and White Sulphur Springs has several more hotels to choose from.

Affordable short and long-term rentals near Spa Hot Springs Motel

Spa Hot Springs Motel | Facts

Location: 80 miles north of Bozeman • Central Montana • USA
Open: Year-round
Development: Two outdoor pools, one indoor pool
Clothing: Mandatory
Amenities & Services: Hotel, cabins, RV hoop-up

Hiking distance: Short
Road access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: Yes

Elevation: 5,100 ft (1,555 m)

Water T° (source): 130° F (54° C)
Water T° (outdoor pool 1): 98° F (37° C)
Water T° (outdoor pool 2): 103° F (39° C)
Water T° (indoor pool): 105° F (41° C)
Odor: None
Chemical used: None

Mineral Content:

Chloride 184 ppm
Sulfate 301 ppm
Bicarbonate 830 ppm
Nitrate trace
Lithium trace
Sodium 504 ppm
Potassium 504 ppm
Magnesium 12 ppm
Calcium 45 ppm
Iron 4 ppm
Alumina 4 ppm
Silica 44 ppm

Directions to Spa Hot Springs Motel

From White Sulphur Springs,

  • Take Main Street towards downtown.

Spa Hot Springs Motel sits on the corner of W Main St and 3rd Ave SW

Phone: 406-547-3366

Address: 202 W Main St, White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645

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