Beulah Hot Springs - Bathtub

•  Beulah Hot Springs is located at the northeast edge of the Beulah Reservoir
•  Mineral water at 135°F emerges from the ground

A natural hot springs Beulah is situated northeast of the Beulah Reservoir in the small triangular Agency Valley, north of the town of Juntura. The reservoir is also known as the Agency Valley Reservoir. Mostly, the reservoir received drainage from the North Fork of the Malheur River covering 1,900 acres of the valley. No hydroelectric power is generated on the Beulah Reservoir.

How to get to Beulah Hot Springs: take the gravel Beulah Road that begins from Highway 20, west of Juntura. The unpaved road is winding its way through the amazing Malheur River Valley, cattle grazing areas, alongside the North Fork Malheur River, and Beulah Reservoir.

The source water exceeds 135-degree Fahrenheit. The eye-catching yellow and green colors within the pool are formed by thermophilic bacterias including cyanobacteria Synechococcus. The main requirement for growing this type of bacteria is a temperature between 130°F (54°C) and 165°F (74°C) with a slightly alkaline environment with a pH between 7.2 and 8.7.

Caution: Do not bathe directly in the source or nearby!

The hot water is very slowly piped into an old and rusty bathtub. In September, the temperature of water in the bathtub was 120°F (54°C). So, before soaking check it and if needed, redirect the hot water from the tub and let it get cooler.

Beulah Hot Springs - North Malheur River
North Malheur River & Reservoir
Beulah Hot Springs - Source
Springs Source
Beulah Hot Springs
Springs Source

Beulah Hot Springs with a great view of the valley and plentiful hot water flow has great potential. If some improvement, including the bathtub and hose pipes replacement, is done, this spot would become a popular soaking destination.

Other than that the land near the hot springs and around the reservoir appears to be personal property. Camping is not allowed at the hot springs.

There are a campground, concrete boat ramp, and vault restroom near the dam. Also, a developed campground, managed by BLM, with RV sites, drinking water, picnic areas, and restrooms are available in the Chukar Park Recreation Site, 10 miles south of Beulah Hot Springs.


Beulah Hot Springs | Facts

Location: 17.5 miles north of Juntura • Southeastern Oregon • USA
Development: Primitive
Amenities: None
Camping is not allowed at the hot springs
Camping is available in Beulah Reservoir County Park and BLM Chukar Park Campground.
Hiking distance: Short
Road Access: High-clearance vehicles when the ground is wet
Day-use: Free

Elevation: 3,600 ft (1,097 m)

Water T°: 130°F (54°C) - 140°F (60°C)
Flow rate: 13 gallon/min (50 l/min)

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Directions to Beulah Hot Springs

From the western end of Juntura,

  • Turn north onto Beulah Road
  • Drive 17.4 miles to the destination on the left.

During wet weather, a high-clearance vehicle is recommended.

GPS: N 43°56.496' W 118°7.896' | 43.9416, -118.1316

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